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I just had the time to go over the pages of this blog and answered all unanswered comments. So sorry guys, due to the influx of comments, its hard for me to track all of these as these are scattered in various pages and to save time, I usually go to my recent comments which are about 4-5 most recent comments for the day. You know, I’ve been so very busy lately. I hope I have answered everyone. My apology for the late reply.

To make up for everybody, I have updated 3 novels:

1. Hindi Nakakalimot Ang Puso

2. Passionate Encounter

3. Forever In Your Eyes

Have a great time reading these stories and let these cute twins delight your day! God Speed!



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Heyah everyone! I’m simply uber delighted with your overwhelming support. Hope “thank you” can suffice everything. Thank, u thank u, and thank u!

I have added chapters of Let Me Love You. For those who are requesting for an update about this story, this is for you. This novel is one of my favorite and I’m happy to share it with you. Enjoy!

I have a new job that I’m kinda excited about. I will be blogging about our very own celebrities. I’ll supply you with juicy details about their exciting life and simplicity afar limelight, as they are as normal as we all are. I will post the website as soon as its up and running. And this will be next week. So basically, I’ll be like a paparazzi, who will follow and have a sneak peak on our beloved celebrities’ lives. There will also be cool contests that everyone can join and you can win lots of awesome prices. So prepare yourself and be part of the most exciting gossip blog in our country!

You can also add me on facebook and twitter. My email address is vampire_world2002@yahoo.com

Let me share this video with you. Enjoy watching!

Note! Wala na po akong copies ng mga pocketbooks ko. Ubos na po. I won’t accept online orders anymore. tnx!

Getting to Know Me

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They say that by writing, you are undressing yourself to the public. Absolutely this is true. My characters are my alter egos and expressions of my beliefs, principles and character. Dang, now I’m exposed! hehehe…

So enjoy and savor the inevitable goodness, wickedness, compassionate, candidness, drama and glitz and glamor of my darned life! 🙂

A short glimpse about me…
My Biography
My photos
My Paintings & Archt’l Designs
Outreach Project with my Samaritan Friends

In the desire to know you guys, I have come up with this page. Let’s get to know each other. You can surely rock this page! Please introduce yourself to us and share a little bit of juicy details about your life. We don’t want to dig deep into your personal lives, just some spicy information for us to have fun with. You have knew me more than enough and now its your turn to face the spotlight! We all would love to discover who you are. So paint this page red and let’s all get to PARRRTTTEEEYYYY!

Who’s gonna face the challenge first and wow the crowd?

Pls click here to post
Circle of Friends…

And also you can check other writers too. I have a page dedicated for them. Finally you will meet these talented folks!

Writer’s Galore

What suits me best? Exotic, curly hair or Silky, straight hair? Your vote counts!


My Novels

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So far here are the novels I have written…. Published, Unpublished and Unfinished…

Hindi Nakakalimot Ang Puso
Passionate Encounter
Forever In Your Eyes
Noon, Ngayon at Kailanman
Let Me Love You
If Hurting Is Loving
Kailan Ka Magiging Akin Bestfriend
Untitled Novel
Until Forever
New English Novel

Until Forever is Finally Out!

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Yay!!!!! At long last… Until Forever is already Published!  I’ve got my compli copy and was happy to read the book, hehe… Thanks  to LM editorial staff especially to sexy Eve Montelibano for editing Until Forever and making it a fascinating read.  I can’t forget how my Mom cried while reading this novel. I felt so proud of myself. Thanks to Mia for the inspiration. Without you, Until Forever won’t be materialized. Thanks for all of you people who believe in my writing talent and for the enormous support! Very much appreciated. *sniff* *sniff* 🙂 How i wish I can have a space for dedications and thank yous in my next novels. I’ll work out for this.. promise… 🙂

Another book will be pretty available soon! If Hurting Is Loving now retitled “Burn For Love” due to some LM Technical Considerations.  I have posted the hot cover and is very excited to see it published! Eve said, it will be very very soon! Im crossing my fingers and  fervently waiting for its release. Can’t wait!

Thank you guys for the amazing support! I’ve been very busy with my humble graphix shop as a struggling businesswoman but i’ll be having an internet connection this week so i’ll be pretty much online everyday and can update things that need to be updated!

see yah all! ciao!

He can have any woman he wants. But he desires the forbidden.

Zander comes home from a self-imposed exile in the US
to take over his father’s steel manufacturing company…
and to settle some unfinished business. That business is
Jecile, the woman who had caused him to leave the country
torn and tormented.

Jecile had turned his life upside down the moment he laid
eyes on her as a young man. She was his parents’ ward
and though he should have treated her as his younger
sister, the forbidden desire that rushed in his blood
whenever she was near was far from brotherly.

For the past eight years, he tried to forget her, losing
himself in the company of other women. But coming face
to face with her again makes him realize that the sizzling
connection between them is stronger than ever. Gone
was the girl who had tempted him to destruction with her
youthful innocence. In place is a full-grown woman,
more beautiful, sophisticated….and engaged to be married.

No, he should not covet her for his own. Not anymore.

But old passions never die...

My Pocketbooks Available Online

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Hi guys! I have already secured a limited copies of my books and you may buy it online. you can also buy other LM novels like the amazing Eve Montelibano and etc… there are only a few copies left so please order your copies now!

Available Now!

Please click this link for info





Thank you for all of your support! Mwah!

Passionate Encounter Php 40.00

Hindi Nakakalimot Ang Puso Php 40.00

Forever in your Eyes Php 40.00

Noon Ngayon at Kailanman Php 40.00

Here are other LM Pocketbooks


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Heyah guys! I have made an additional blog which is intended to post my novels where I can update the Chapters from time to time. Updates might be after three days or every week, every month or so… Depending on the availability of the story. Now is your chance to read from the beginning to the end of  some of my novels which you might have missed. I will also be writing new novels so please watch out for any updates.

Please visit this website www.sharonrosenovels.wordpress.com

And also please visit Oneth’s webbie where you can read his wonderful stories as well at http://mykuwento.blogspot.com!