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DRACKXE TILTED his head as he heard a car’s engine stopped nearby; it must belong to one of his customers. But the engine’s sound was unfamiliar so he guessed he had a transient customer. He took advantage of the moment and blinked his straining eyes rapidly for several times. He had been working stiffly for long minutes. He was trying to fix a tiny but sensitive part of Mr. John Brady’s Ford pickup truck. He was a mechanic and the owner of the ‘D Carshop’, an automotive shop he put up three years ago. He breathed some air and filled his lungs with fresh oxygen. Then slowly he itched his way out underneath the truck. His assistant was absent today so he needed to personally assist his customers. He immediately reached for the rag and wiped his dirty hands, tossed it around and took hurried steps toward the shiny gray car that was parked a few meters away from him. The shiny car instantly grabbed his attention. With growing curiosity, he eyed the car and studied it silently. The owner however did not bother to go outside the comfort of his luxurious haven as if giving him longer time to gawk at his pride.

He cursed under his breath as the beauty of the shiny and expensive car dazzled his interest. It was a brand new gray Lamborghini, one of the most expensive sport’s cars in the world. Wow! He whistled in admiration. He had waited for his client to step out of his expensive car but moments passed, it did not happen. So he smoothen the crease of his jacket and waved at the direction of the driver, urging him to come out. He could not see who’s on the driver’s seat because the car’s windows were tinted. He readied a warm smile, relief printed in his face as he saw the driver’s door opened. With slow motion, he watched as a handsome guy slid out of the shiny, luxurious sport’s car.

Drackxe held his breath for a moment as his gaze nailed on his client’s perfectly handsome face. He could not ignore, but he was staring at the most handsome face he had ever seen. And much as he hated it, his heart hammered violently against his chest. With disgust, he wanted to hold his heart still and punish it with a hard grip or he could even choke it to death. Why, his moron heart was trying to put him in damned humiliation! His warm smile instantly faded as he felt flabbergasted of himself. With cocky eyebrows, he stared into his client’s deep black eyes and again, he could not help as his heart started to beat faster than ever.

Jesus, but the man he was looking at has beauty beyond compare! Everyone could be attracted to him. Even his own kind could not be spared by his enigmatic charisma. No wonder he was acting idiotic! His face was like an angel; his unique beauty radiates something incomprehensible yet will attract anyone’s attention like magnet. His thick eyebrows were perfectly planted and naturally groomed above his dark eyes. Thick, long and curly lashes surround his dark eyes that added more mystery into his already mysterious black but unnaturally glittering iris. His aquiline nose towered haughtily and perfectly chiseled in between his virile cheeks. And his lips were pale red but they look supple and must be deliciously hot. Oh well, he must be a good kisser, dammit!

Drackxe coughed a little as he felt his muscles tensed. And he wanted to punch himself as realization hit him. Oh hell, was he attracted to this very handsome guy? How could he? Was he having nightmares? And what happened to his heart, was it suffering from a strange disease and that it was already malfunctioning? Dammit, but he was a guy! Oh well, that’s what he thought… that’s what he wanted to believe in!

“Hi there!” A smooth and velvety voice vibrated in the surrounding air.

“Oh hi!” Drackxe heaved a sigh as he composed himself. It was not everyday that he encounters perfectly handsome clients and so this unwanted reaction was understandable. He did not want stupidity at all and if he could have a choice, he will drive this man away, away from him and so far away from his sight. He was a sight to behold and hell may freeze but he could not take his eyes off him. Though the lunatic idea suddenly gave him nausea and his stomach wanted to churn, he could not completely drive him away. Well, this man drives a Lamborghini so he must be a big time customer. It was a rare opportunity for him to get big time clients nowadays. In fact, he seldom gets modest paying customers since he started putting up his shop three years ago. So less chance for a small town like Banaue, where there were only about a thousand people. Only a few of the residents have automobiles. Most were native Igorots and farmers. And as much as he hated it, but then again he could not resist this chance of a lifetime. The expensive Lamborghini already took his mind away and the urge to lay his hands on that expensive sport’s car was driving him crazy. He was already bored to death with his usually low-profiled customers and their second hand cheap cars. The Lamborghini was simply irresistible.

The car that he was fixing awhile ago belonged to John Brady, an American researcher who temporarily resides in the area and was researching about Banaue Rice Terraces and the Igorot mummies. He was the only client that he can consider reliable. The rest are not. He already charges little for his service yet some still asked for a lower payment.

He had his shop beside the main highway, in front of the old house he inherited from his foster parent. The house and the shop were just beside the main highway, making it accessible to clients, both for the locals and transients. Travelers actually occupy a bigger percentage among his clients.

He was a stow away teenager five years ago when he stumbled in the area. His memory instantly backed off as memories of the past started to creep into his mind. He knew nightmares will follow after that. And his brain was already programmed to stop as any past memories threaten to harass him.

Drackxe tore his gaze away from the handsome face and into his equally gorgeous car. He would rather accept that he was attracted to the magnificent sport’s car and not into its owner’s handsome face. He twitched his lips silently in distaste.

“Anything that I can help you with?” He asked in a flat voice, quite uninterested. If this guy needed a hand to fix his magnificent brand new Lamborghini, hell, but he could not afford to say no. The excitement was simply irresistible! But then looking at the car, he could easily tell that there’s nothing wrong with it. And oh my, it was a sport’s car for crying out loud! It was so much of his fancy. He would love to borrow it even for a while and have a test drive. He can already imagine how thrilling it would be traveling in a speed of 100 kms per hour. He had never driven a car that expensive in his entire life. And to add to his history, this was the very first time he saw Lamborghini in broad daylight. He was a car enthusiast. And he was used seeing that magnificent sport’s car only in the internet. He intentionally let his stare hover longer on the car, avoiding its owner’s angelic handsome face. Well, it was safer to admire a Lamborghini than a handsome face after all.

“I’m Gabriel,” he smiled, showing a pearly set of white teeth and two cute dimples.

Drackxe blinked his eyes for countless times, mesmerized by his enchanting smile. “Uh…” He was lost for words, his heartbeat deafening. He barely heard his name but his mind instantly processed it. “Uh… Gabriel…” He knew he looked stupid!

“Yes, Gabriel,” his dimples deepened even further. “Gabriel Winters.” He looked excited and eager. He took steps forward and extended his hand for a handshake.

Stop embarrassing yourself dumbass, Drackxe silently cursed himself. He regained his composure and extended his own hand to meet his. His warm, big hand wrapped around his and he felt a sudden jolt of electricity as their fingers entwined. Embarrassed, he immediately withdrew his hand. He was controlling his reaction to go astray or else his face would turn bloody red in embarrassment. “I’m Drackxe…” He said in a strange bloody tiny voice that sounded like a female. “Nice meeting you Mr. Winters.” Before he could drag himself in even humiliation, he said the five words in full, deeper male voice. What the heck was he up to?

“No Mr. Winters please, just Gabriel bro,” he flashed a brilliant smile again.

“Uh!” Drackxe faltered a step. Gabriel seemed so friendly but absolutely unaware of what effect his brilliant smile does to his senses. He stiffened that he stood like a statue. He needed to do that. He needed to turn into a stone. So that he could not accommodate such foolishness. Swooning over a handsome face is a blatant foolishness. And yes, it was even insanity. And not to mention a grave danger for him. Was he starting to dig his own grave? “What’s wrong with your car?” He deliberately asked. He needed to go straight to business. He broke the eye contact and let his sight linger to the shiny Lamborghini.

“There’s nothing wrong with my car but I want you to fix it.”

He stared back to his perfect face. Man, but he could never find a flaw in his angel-like features! How he wish he could have a face like that. His shiny raven hair flew away from his face when a gust of cold wind passed by, exposing more of his perfect male features. No one could ever get tired looking at his handsomeness. The perfect face was far too perfect! His stare dropped to his wide shoulders. He was wearing a white polo shirt and his muscled torso was evident on the cotton fabric. And his thighs looked mightily powerful in his rugged and torn fitting jeans that hugged his legs like second skin. Looking at this man in all angles made him realize that he was every woman’s dream and every man’s envy. He had the face of an angel and a body of a Greek god. He had no doubt this guy had break many girls’ heart.

God must have showered his blessings upon this man and spent a little more time with him when he was born. He appears to have everything; good looks and money. He must be God’s favorite, mustn’t he?

“Uncle John said you’re a gifted mechanic.”

He threw him a skeptical look. So this handsome man was Mr. John Brady’s nephew, huh, but he looked so different. He knew he had foreign blood but he does not resemble John at all. John was blonde and with bright blue eyes, a typical American. But this guy has unusual glittering black eyes and raven hair. Though his skin was pinkish white, he does not have strong Caucasian features. He was simply different at all. He could not be categorized into any race. But oh well, he must have mixture of different races. And spitefully he only inherited all the good qualities, making him an epitome of perfection.

“John Brady is my uncle,” he explained. “He was my Mom’s only brother. We used to spend time together until he went to the Philippines for his research project a year ago. But we constantly communicated through phone calls and emails. I mentioned to him that I’m looking for a good mechanic to work with, to condition my car and bring out its potential. I want to be a car racer you know,” he flashed a brilliant smile again. “I want to be the next Michael Schumacher or even greater than him,” his eyes flashed as enthusiasm mirrored in his eyes. “Uncle John said that he can recommend someone for me. He said you’re a very, very brilliant mechanic Drackxe. You made wonders in my uncles’ pickup. He could not explain the improvement in his car after you fix it. It gets better and faster. That’s why he constantly brings his car here even for a minor damage so you can do your magic.”

Drackxe stared at him with unbelieving eyes. Did Mr. Brady really said that he was a brilliant mechanic? Huh?! He made fake coughs. He could not take it. “Uh Gabriel, I’m quite pleased about what Mr. Brady had said but you see, I’m not like what he thinks I am. I’m no other than any ordinary mechanic in a small town most people in the world does not even know of. And I do not have any magic at all.” If this person only knew that the only magic thriving in the Philippines was witchcraft…hehehe…he would not dare mention it at all. But witchcraft or not, he knew nothing about magic for crying out loud!

But Gabriel’s smile did not fade. He even was not affected by Drackxe indifferent behavior. He was here on purpose. And he knew he can get a way to get what he wanted. Perseverance always pays off. Besides, he badly needed a mechanic. Not just a mechanic but a gifted one. His uncle will not recommend this guy if he was not competent. John said he has magical hands!

And even if he could not find that magic in Drackxe young looking and finesse face, he knew he was hiding something, the promise that John had seen. He studied the young mechanic. He was lanky and feminine. Despite of the dirty work, his face managed to look smooth and delicate. And he noticed that he has no facial hair. Oh maybe he shaved often. He has thin frame and a height no more than six feet and six inches. Compare to his towering six feet two inches height, Drackxe head could barely touch his shoulders. His scrutinizing eyes traveled from his face to his dirty rubber shoes. He was wearing a thick jacket that added bulk to his lanky figure and loose denim pants. His clothing and his short haircut contradicted the feminine cut of his face; it gave him a domineering male presence. He must be young. John said he was just twenty-one. But he was already an orphan.

Gabriel could not hide the happiness in his heart as he came face to face with the person who will bring him victory in his scheduled time. Meeting his mechanic in person gave him mixed sensation. He can see promise and victory in his almond brown eyes. And much to his delight, he felt something special toward him. Looking at him, he can feel an invisible bond that grows stronger each second.

So this was it. He knew he had found his mechanic. And victory was just at hand. It was so close that he could even smell it.

He had waited for seven years to pursue his dream, which was to be a car racer. The only thing that stopped him from engaging into such dangerous sport was his mother. Suzanne did not want him to race, as she was afraid it could take his life. He was an only child. And his mother was so protective she placed herself between Gabriel and his dream.

But his passion for car racing was unstoppable. He had sacrificed seven years to indulge his mother and torture himself but that was enough. He had reached the right age to decide for himself. He was already twenty-six and his boring life needed a little thrill and excitement. Though for the past years he had raced in secret, he had indulge himself in illegal car racing, it was not enough to satisfy his hunger for excitement and vengeance. He wanted to conquer the world of Formula One, to run 300 kms per hour, impossible it maybe, and most of all, to race side by side with Michael Schumacher. His teeth silently gritted as the racer’s image filled his mind. And oh well, his slow paced life was already killing him and the fury he hides in his self was threatening to explode any moment. He could not further tame it. He needed to relish it. It’s now or he never gets a chance anymore.

In order to fulfill his dream, he needed to build a name for himself first. So that big companies like Shell will notice his potential and eventually hire him as their official racer. Or it might be better if the rival company will hire him instead. So that he can race with Michael Schumacher, Shell’s bet and unbeatable world champion. It was his dream to race with that filthy racer and throw him out of his throne. That bastard! His jaw clenched and his fist turned into a hard ball as hatred overwhelmed him. The smile on his face momentarily disappeared but he was able to hold it back before he could show further emotion.

He looked around. His eyes narrowed as his sight caught the red pickup truck. He took paces closer to it. “Is this Uncle John’s truck?” He asked while his hand touched the shiny metal on the hood of the truck.

Drackxe was forced to walk closer to the truck. “Yes.” He whispered in confirmation. He was trying to avoid his magnetic gaze yet could not control stealing glances. His handsome face was too hard to resist that he wanted to spite it. He knew he should stop looking at his goddamned face, else he was inviting catastrophes.

“What’s wrong with this truck?” He was looking at the truck as if he knew what the damage was.

“The brake does not function well. But I’m done fixing it. I saw dust accumulated on some parts of the engine but before it may cause any serious problem, I took care of it. So this truck is now ready to go.” Drackxe could not help but lace pride in his voice. Fixing cars was his cup of tea. His mother said it was a gift, a talent that was innate in him. His father’s old motorcycle was the first automobile he had fixed. The motorcycle was actually junked in their backyard for about two years. When he saw the motorcycle, he got excited. It was a very old model of Harley Davidson. The engine was defective and no local mechanic can fix it. Antonio needed to bring the motorcycle to Manila where the Main Branch of Harley Davidson was located and he also needed to buy some parts. And since the cost to repair it is rather expensive, his father decided to junk the motorcycle and replace it with a new scooter.

But he instantly loved the motorcycle the moment he had laid his eyes on it. He started to check the motorcycle and he was relieved that all parts were still intact, though the engine did not want to start. He had knowledge about motorcycles since he had one before. He used to fix his own motorcycle. He got his knowledge by reading books about automobiles and researching the internet. He was a fast learner and so in a short period of time, he had mastered the motorcycle parts and their function. He did not know, but when he tried to touch an automobile’s part, his mind starts to work and behave differently. He must be a genius because if not, he could not easily learn how to fix automobiles considering that he did not have any formal education about it. He could not exactly remember what he did, but after three days, the antiquated Harley Davidson started to roar into life without him buying new parts.

His father could not believe it at first. But when Antonio started to push the motorcycle’s pedal and the engine roared to life, he had discovered his son’s gift.

Drackxe felt the corners of his eyes moistened upon the memory of his father. He wanted to regret he had fixed the old Harley; else his parents were still alive. A fatal motor accident took their lives four years ago. Antonio went to the town proper to buy groceries along with his wife despite of a dire weather condition. It was rainy, and the slippery zigzag road of Baguio was quite dangerous. Due to the heavy fog and rain, Antonio did not notice the approaching out of the way service truck. His Harley collided with the truck and two bodies were violently thrown in the air; along with the goods they bought. The couple did not survive the incident. Both of them were already dead when the rescuers brought their bodies to the hospital.

He swallowed the lump in his throat. Pain and bitterness crossed his brown eyes for a moment. Yet he had managed to look calm despite of his melancholic mood.

“Good!” Gabriel’s velvety voice seemed fluidly enthused. “So can I take this truck to Uncle John now?” He did not wait for an answer; he opened the driver’s seat and slid inside the truck. He moved smoothly as if he was following a silent rhythm. It took him just few seconds to start the truck’s engine. A very smooth sound echoed and he was pleased.

“Hey!” Drackxe blocked himself in front of the truck. “What are you doing?” He yelled.

“I’ll test drive the truck. Then I’ll bring it to Uncle John. You can use my car. I’ll wait for you in his tavern.” He yelled back. He was already excited to experience how gifted his mechanic was.

The truck smoothly lurched backwards and before Drackxe could react, the truck flew into the main highway in lightning speed. He instantly backed off as he was almost hauled by the truck. “Hey!” But the truck was gone in split seconds. He was left alone in front of his shop with erratic heartbeats. He waited for a moment to calm down. Then he looked at the shiny Lamborghini, his eyes wide and mouth salivating. With keen but unbelieving eyes, he walked toward the sport’s car. Did that angel said he can drive this shiny Lamborghini? He shook his head, unable to believe it. But then, he was sure he heard it right. He was not hallucinating, was he? And as happiness flooded his heart, he broke a wide grin as if he won a lottery. He impatiently opened the driver’s seat and itched his body inside the car. It was cozy inside. Every corner and contour of the car’s interior screams luxury. He let his back touch the soft and elegant leather seat while his hands carefully traced the structure of the steering wheel. He must be dreaming. But when he twitched the key and the engine smoothly purred, he knew it was for real. So why not grab this once in a lifetime opportunity?

His feet pushed the accelerator and the car lurched forward. Wow! It runs perfectly smooth! The automatic gear gives a very easy driving experience. The speed was superb, it was beyond his expectations. When he reached the main highway, he increased his speed and was now running more than one hundred kilometers per hour. The towering pine trees beside the road appeared like hazy, green sea when viewed from the windows. He was not just a good mechanic; he can drive cars fast as well. Though he prefers to be a mechanic than a car racer.

He was approaching the zigzag road when he saw the red truck coming toward his direction in the opposite lane. And before he could blink his eyes, the truck disappeared from his line of vision. Then he felt the strong pressure of wind in the car’s window. He pushed the brake hardly and the sport’s car tires made a very loud screeched as it came into a halt. He made a sharp turn and with equally blinding speed, he followed the trail of the red truck. Just a few minutes and he was already at the tail of the truck. The Lamborghini was incredible! Though the red Ford pickup truck showed a very unusual speed, not to mention being driven by a racer, it could never match the speed of the brand new Lamborghini. He pushed the automatic button that will open the car’s window when he came side by side with the truck and threw Gabriel a taunting smile.

He showed a hint of shock in his handsome face for fleeting seconds. And as his face grimaced, the Ford truck suddenly moved a few yards ahead of the Lamborghini. His pride could not allow himself humiliated by losing a race with a young, gifted mechanic who turns out to have a making of a racer as well. Not even if he was just driving a Ford truck.

Drackxe closed the car’s window and improved his driving speed. But the pickup truck was now running in an unbelievable speed. How can a truck run that fast? Was he responsible of that lightning speed? Or maybe John swapped the engine of the truck with a sport’s car. But if that was true, he must have noticed it. But he was perfectly sure that the truck’s engine and parts were all original. “Yes!” he could not help but shout in joy as the Lamborghini went side by side with the truck again. Since the truck windows were transparent, he could see Gabriel’s displeased reaction. He must have not expected that he can race as well. He wanted to win the race, though it was not even from the start. He had his advantage for driving a Lamborghini. But Gabriel was actually giving a very good fight. Even if he wins the race, it still could not be considered victory.

Automatically he pushed the brake when they were approaching a sharp curve. A car suddenly appeared in front of them and if nobody will give up the race, an accident will occur. Based on Gabriel’s steady speed, he has no intention to give up. So he made the choice. The Lamborghini stopped and the Ford truck continually moved forward and disappeared in the sharp curve ahead. He knew where the truck was heading to. John Brady might be already waiting for his nephew in his tavern. That’s what Gabriel said awhile ago, that he will bring the truck to his uncle in his tavern.



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  1. hey guys… this is the new novel that i’m inspired to write. it’s a fantasy- adventure-romance, mga out of this world idea kaya expect to meet fantastic characters… hehehe… prepare to meet angels, demons, fallen angels and the different dimensions in our world…this must be exciting. and an international setting. i’ll take u to USA, Europe and to the end of the world… excited na ko… sana mainspire ako nito na matapos… naks. i’ve written it in english since im planning to pass it to foreign publication. sana suwertihin. sana… sana… hehehe….

  2. and please edit my grammar.. hehehe… i might be already snoring but my fingers are still clicking the keyboard. nagkakaroon ng sariling buhay ang mga daliri ko.. yeee kakatakot… hehehe… anyways, wag basahin ha kung kukulitin nyo ako na tapusin kaagad… hahaha!!!! just joking. this might take a few hundred pages. so medyo matatagalan.

  3. Wow! English novel? Sounds exciting ha! Fantasy-adventure-romance pa! All my favorite genres hehe at since sabi mong wag ka kulitin tapusin… hindi na kita kukulitin ^_^

  4. hi elise! i have a great writer here! its an honor really! Thank u!

    hehe… sana magustuhan mo rin tong novel na to. hindi kasi ako katulad mo na madali lang makatapos ng isang nobela. madali akong tamarin… hehehe…

    cg tc and godbless!

  5. Nyaiks! haha ano ba yun? Eh mas idol nga kita haha saka di ako mabilis mag-sulat no haha iiyakan ko muna ang mga characters bago makatapos

    Excited ako mabasa ‘tong story mo na ‘to eh. Mahilig kasi ako sa fantasy/romance na stories. Na-eexcite tuloy ako haha

  6. naks! wow online tau preho ngayon? i guess wala ka pa tulog no? ako wala din tulog. kakalabas lang sa work.

    busy sa pagsusulat? uy ikaw kaya idol ko… ehehe… MU pala tayo? naks!

  7. ay naku gusto kon rin sanang matapos to kaagad. sana matapos kaagad. dami ko kasi ginagawa ngayon eh. sobra…

  8. MU! Haha why not? Ay naku, basta pag matapos mo, una ako sa pila ng magbabasa ha! ^_^ Uy, pahinga ka naman! Adik sa work!

  9. sharon rose Says:

    hehe… may ka MU na ko… haha! instant ba… 🙂

    basta hahanapin kita sa unahan ng pila pag natapos ko na hehe… magpilahan tayo sa booksigning mo.. naks!

    pag magrest sa work wala din pera… magugutom ako.. di lang ako buong pamilya ko.. huhu… cg lang pag nagbakasyon ako mahabang-mahaba dapat para tuloy-tuloy ang pahinga. 🙂

  10. Hi!
    ask ko lang kung sino yung mga bida?.. romance ba to?

    fav ko nga pala yung mga novels mo.. you are really good in writing!!..

  11. hi summer! yes, this is still a romance novel. but this would be fiction fantasy-adventure-romance.

    about the characters, they will be a handful. but the two main characters are Gabriel and Drackxe (pronounced as Drakes). it may be confusing from the start but let me give some spoilers.. hehe.. Drackxe is actually a woman. nagpapanggap na lalaki upang itago ang identity to protect herself. her family was murdered and she was the sole survivor. napadpad ito sa Pilipinas dahil ang yaya nito ay isang Pilipina. but that nanny died at the brink of protecting her from the murderers. Bagamat Amerikana ay marunong itong magtagalog dahil sa yaya. and she was used to speak tagalog ng mapadpad sa Pilipinas.

    Gabriel was adopted by Suzzane and Matt when they found him in the river in the Amazon, nalulunod sa ilog. they nurtured the boy who does not know his real identity and raised him as their own. He was seven years old then. Suzzane was an heiress of a big oil empire samantalang si Matt ay isang aspiring car racer. sabay na nagsisimulang gumawa ng pangalan bilang magaling na racer sina Matt Winters and Michael Shumacher. Matt died in a race with Michael, dahil kinorner ng huli ang sasakyan ni Matt sa isang sharp curve at naaksidente ito. Matt’s death made Suzzanne lived in agony and loneliness for years. habang lumalaki ang batang si Gabriel ay nakikita nito ang kalungkutan ng ina. at sinubaybayan nito ang sumisikat na career ni Michael Shumacher which only deepened the hatred he had for the man. at isinumpa nito sa sariling pagbabayarin nito ang sikat na racer sa ginawa nito sa ama.

    Gabriel’s desire for revenge and Drackxe unbelievable skills as a mechanic will draw them together. and though they are of the same sex, it did not stop them from falling in love with each other. at ang misteryo sa kanilang pagkatao ay unti-unting malaladlad.

    Gabriel’s identity will be unfolded through certain circumstances wherein he has no control over his latent powers. He was actually Gabriel, the right hand of God, lured by Lucifer to be driven away in the kingdom of God so he can spread chaos again in heaven. he was sent to Earth as a seven year old boy with no memory at all.

    Drackxe on the other hand was the last descendant of the fallen angels. yung mga angels dati na kumampi kay Lucifer para agawin ang trono ng Diyos Ama. those fallen angels married women in the Earth and bore children sa pagnanais na kahit ang mga anak na lamang ng mga ito ang maliligtas sa ikalawang pagbabalik ng Panginoon.

    Ngunit nakawala sa kanyang pagkakakulong si Lucifer, more powerful this time and decided to create his own army again. Muli nitong ginulo ang langit, coming in disguise and fooled many angels. muli nitong sinuyo ang mga fallen angels, ang iba ay kumampi dito at ang iba na ayaw ng gumawa ng kasamaan ay pinangpapatay nito.

    Drackxe family was the last descendant of the fallen angels. and when his parents refused to side with Lucifer again, his big syndicate, the notorious 666, was tasked to kill the family. hindi alam ni Drackxe ang tunay na pagkatao. hindi rin nito alam ang rason kung bakit may mga taong gustong umubos sa pamilya niya. isa lang ang alam niya, na kapag natagpuan siya ay papatayin siya. kaya ayaw nitong bumalik ng amerika.

    and the brewing romance between Gabriel and Drackxe was actually forbidden. dahil isinumpa ng Panginoon ang mga Fallen Angels na kailanman ay hindi na makakabalik sa langit at hindi maililigtas kahit ang kahulihulihang mga anak o lahi. so this will add conflict to the story.

    and i’ll tackle the new breakthrough in science na sinasabi na maraming dimension sa mundo. science na ang nagpapatunay nito though hindi pa ito gaanong naeestablish. na ang mundo ay may iba-ibang dimension at iba-ibang nilalang ang makatira. na ang langit ay nasa tabi-tabi lamang pala ngunit nasa ibang dimension lamang.

    for the meantime iyan pa lamang ang spoiler… hehehe…

    there will be more characters to come.

    salamat sa pagbabasa ng mga nobela ko summer.


  12. wow! go lang senpai! i really like the story..mapupunta sila sa iba’t-ibang dimension? wow! magkakatuluyan ba sila diyan? mas maganda kung hindi! ahehehehe…errr..romance nga pala, syempre dpat happy ending..hehe..

    mostly senpai sa mga ganyan kasi parang hanging lagi ang ending. ahehehe..but i really like that kind of story.

    tuloy lang senpai! ahm…ipapasa mo ba sa MSV???

  13. Elise Estrella Says:

    Huy, instant MU! My God, I love the premise! At coincidentally, as is naloka ako nang nabasa ko, dahil halos pareho ng isa sa mga sinusulat ko ang kwento mo! Fallen angels din ang theme niya! Oh, my God, totoong great minds think alike! haha

    Lalo tuloy ako na-excite mabasa ito. Ayan ha! Sana mas may incentive ka na matapos yan ha! At promise mo, isa ako sa mga mauuna maka-receive ng signed copy ha!

  14. hi Ikay… hmmnn… let’s see if pwedeng gawing hanging ang ending. kaya lang baka awayin ako ng mga readers… hehe… ako kasi nagagalit kapag disaster ang ending. nakakainis especially if gustong-gusto mo ang kwento.. ahihi…

    i dnt thnk il pass this to MSV. 🙂

  15. uy kaMU Elise! hehe… ganun? preho pala tumatakbo sa utak natin? haha… di kaya soulmates tayo? hehe…

    i’ll be taking a leave from my job so i’ll have time to continue this story. at oo nga, ang dami ko ng reason para tapusin to no? hehe… ako nga din excited na matapos. kaso usad pagong naman ang development.

    uy salamat guys for the encouragement and support… 🙂

  16. wow!!! as in wow!!! ang cute poh sobra ng sory…sayang naman poh kung hindi niyo sya ipapasa sa MSV…galingan niyo pa poh,tiyaga lang naman poh cguro ang key para matapos niyo yan…(hehehe,nagmagaling nanaman ang walang alam.)god bless poh,san pag natapos ipose nyo po dito…gud luck poh nd mor power…

  17. ay xenxia nah poh…story poh un…mali akoh ng type…hehehe

  18. sharon rose Says:

    hi meng! i really want this story to be done with ease and care. cuz i want this to be one of my legacy. thanks for appreciating this novel. dnt wori i will do my best to finish this as soon as i can. though it may depend upon my available time.

    about MSV, they publish tagalog romance. i duno if they will publish this kind. though i already hav a plan whre to submit this. watever may happen i hope u’l stil read it.

    tc girl!

  19. Huy, MU! Remember I said na I was writing a similar story? Tinanong ko kasi noon kay Apple kung tumatanggap sila ng paranormal romance and sabi niya i-pass ko para tignan nila, so binalak kong i-pass ang story ko sa MSV. Pero kung ipapass mo ito sa kanila, di ko na lang i-papass yung sa’kin. Sayang naman kasi ito! Maganda ang ideya, girl! Go go go!

  20. hi MU! hehe… tnx for the info. ay naku mkapal cguro ang maging kalalabasan nito… as in sobra. but stil wala pa nga ako sa 1/4 e so let us see what might happen…


  21. ikaw na lang ang magpass elise… baka abutin pa ako one year bago ito matapos.. hehe..

  22. Pag natapos ko rin haha madami kasing nakapila eh. Uy, sure kang you don’t mind ha!Saka bonggang bongga ang version mo kasi English! Pag natapos ko (sana), pass ko na lang sa MSV para makita nila.

    At kahit pa four thousand pages yang kwento mo, pag natapos, pabasa ha! 😉

  23. sharon rose Says:

    really i dont mind elise… go for it girl!

    dnt wori pag natapos isa ka sa unang makakabasa.. hehe..

  24. tanung lang pu..ipopost niu po ba dito ung next part nito>thank u po..ang ganda kasi eh

  25. hi sha……woe! english? hmm!!! daw gusto ko ni ah!!! hahahaha…wala na ko nag log in mauto naku sha!!! nakapoyna gid ko, hatagan ko gid ni time nga mabasa..miss u sha,mis ko man c gracia

    GOD BLESS!! kiss sa mga gwapitos..tulog na ko! REGARDS KAY ELISE!!!

  26. mtulog na gali sha..hahahaha, sowee!!! natuyo na gid!! love you! mwahhhhhhhhhh!!!

  27. sharon rose Says:

    hi faye! ill do my best to share this novel to all of you… 🙂

    hi mia! i really miss u girl! hope we can hang out again sometimes. sana mas marami tayo next time. love u! ingat lagi!

  28. […] Me Love You If Hurting Is Loving Kailan Ka Magiging Akin Bestfriend Untitled Novel Until Forever New English Novel View […]

  29. wow! pang-anime ang dating! 😀

  30. sharon rose Says:

    pang-anime ba ang dating ng story? hehhe…

  31.,, bgo to ah.. english ah.. pero gnda nya., i knew it.. nkakabitin xa ha.. hehe,, pero ate pbasa din ako pgntpoz mu n ha,, i’ll buy it also, pautograph n rin.. ahehehe

  32. sharon rose Says:

    hehehe… tiyak mababasa mo rin yan myra pag natapos ko na. ikaw pa.. hehehe.. sana matapos ko na. pro mukhang matatagalan pa… ehehehe…

  33. myra_17 Says:

    ..hehehe,, cge khit gano ktagal aantayin ko yan.. hehehe^^

  34. sharon rose Says:

    ehehehe… okies… no probs…

  35. ganda nga sha eh… tapusin mo ng maaga ha…. xcited na ako heehehe eto pa nman ang dream n rita.. remember mo xa? c rita fren ko na una nag ask ng favor sau… na sna mka sulat ka daw ng english novel pra mka basa din xa.. kc gusto nya ang mga paintings mo… hehhee na mis ko tuloy c rita tx ko kaya xa hehehe. ingat sha

  36. hello..astig naman to.. sana mabilis mo tong matapos… ay nga pla paano yung mga tagalog novels mo? bali hndi ka muna makakapagsulat?.. sayang i’m waiting pa naman sa bago mong novels.. yung untitled novel, hndi mo pa ba yun tapos?.. heheh… inform m ko pag meron ng ba go ahhh… ingatZ..

  37. Hi Summer!

    Im still doing the Tagalog Novels.di pa tapos ang untitled. Pakiantay na lang po.

    balik-balik lang so you will know the updates. usually i upate this website pag merong bago.


  38. helo sha, mia musta na kau?
    wla naku balita sa inyu ha… bday pla kahapun n jaceyrhae na enjoy nman kmi.. my cake din xa gusto nya kc my cake xa sa bday nya… dun sa fs ko ang pixs hehehe.
    mga bz ata kau ngaun? lalo n c mia hndi na nagparamdam.. hehehehe mis u guys.

  39. sharon rose Says:

    Hi Bossing! okay lang ako. as usual busy sa life. but i missed you. kita-kits uli tayo pag may time. kiss ko always sa ating baby… happy bday uli kay jaceyrhae… hehehe… ingat lagi! mwah!

  40. sharon rose Says:

    Mia might be busy but she always remember you.andito lang kami a. 🙂

  41. thanks sha ha… kelan ka pa punta dto sa manila hehehe kelan kya tau magkita ulit? ako hapi nman ako sa lyf ko ngaun with my dear and jaceyrhae ofcurse… very much contented. family oriented na kc ang mga thoughts ko ngaun kya prang nag matured na hahaha… musta ang mga gwapitos jan? i know masaya ka narin jan ksama mo na family mo.

    abot mia subrang bz cguro un… hndi na nagparamdam eh.. bz rin kc ako dto.. nag attend ako nga mga trainings ang seminars while im still hir.. sayang nman kc ang stay ko dto. pro na enjoy nman ako and satisfied. ingat mwahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  42. hi!! mustha na? meron ka bang new book na tgalog? miss ko na buks mo.. hehhe…

  43. Hi Ms. Sharon!
    I’ve read the story above and ur plan on submitting it to a foreign publication. Sounds ambitious. Pero sabi nga sa lyrics ng PANGARAP NA BITUIN “Unti-unting mararating kalangitan at bituin Unti-unting kinabukasan ko’y magniningning Hawak ngayo’y tibay ng damdamin Bukas naman sa aking paggising Kapiling ko’y pangarap na bituin”. (‘wag kantahin. basahin lng po). Mararating mo din ang dreams mo if u really work for it. May sinabi din sa akin ang isang tao noon. Isang tao na i really adore and respect na naging inspiration ko while nangarap ako noon na marating ang narating niya. share ko lang sayo. Sabi niya “Mangarap ka…but start small…accumulated small accomplishments are essential to reach “SUCCESS”. Now, partially im wearing his shoes. Nagsisimula narin mag-shine ang star ko sa field na pinili ko.

    I know mararating mo rin ang ang dreams mo gamit ang talents at talino mo. nabasa ko ang ibang pocketbooks na gawa mo at no doubt magaling ka. Since, na penetrate mo na ang writing industry sa philippines there’s no other way but to go up. edi! next level na naman GO INTERNaTIONAL. Hindi ako writer but i’m a reader and a good critics. May trust ako sayo sa capabilities mo. GOGOGOGo……

  44. sharon rose Says:

    Hi Grasya!

    Cg lang babalik din ako jan sa manila… at pag nagkadto ko dira, kita gid ta e. pasyal ka kaya dri sa davao? hehehe…

    Bay-i lang anay na si mia a. busy na siya abi. pro loves ka man sina.

    ingat lagi!

  45. sharon rose Says:

    hI sUMMER! watch out for my new books…. hehehe… malapit na po.

  46. sharon rose Says:

    Hi Mhaira! thanks a lot for the advice girl. i know i need to start from the very bottom. im actually starting from scratch. suntok sa buwan maybe but who knows, in God’s will, i can attain what i wanted to have.

    bytheway, where are you situated? nasa ibang bansa ka ba?

    thanks for dropping by. tc!

  47. mhaira zyrene Says:

    Hi Ms. Sharon!
    I’m from bukidnon. Base in cagayan de oro now due to my work and study (Masters degree). Same lang ta batang mindanao. Bisayang dako pud. You’re from Cotabato right? i’ve been there. Nice place. Specially sa Sebu lake. di man siya scary as other people thought na gubot ang cotabato.

    Anyway, about sa advice. No probs girl. Basta gogogo…lang. sabi nga sa bible “if you belive you will receive. Ask whatever you want and it shall be given”. Believe lang sa power ni BOSSING ang tanan nimo nga gipangandoy madawat ra nimo. But of course you need to work for it too. Remember! nasa Dios ang awa nasa tao ang gawa. Basta never let go on your dreams. Malay nimo isang SHARON ROSE from philippines ra ang ang magpatikalbong sa name ni JK Rowling or kinsa man na sikat na writer sa abroad.

    GOD BLESS sa imong upcoming novel(s) girl. Hope makasulat ug new novel sa msv. Solid man ko sa MSV and nag transfer ka sa other company. Sad to say di ko kabasa sa next pb nimo. di man available sa cdo ang pb na gi produce sa imo new publication center. I really like the way you write a story.

  48. ah okies… nakaadto na diay ka sa Lake Sebu? Yes, its very beautiful and peaceful there. ang cotabato kasi marami yan. may south cotabto, which is the peaceful province, north cotabato – half safe an half warzone, at cotabato city – pinakagubot. sa south cot, wala man giyera dri kay christian community man siya.

    unta makabasa gihapon ka sa akong novl even if im in LM. one of these days, ill be writing again for MSV.

    sana nga magdilang anghel ka. what i learned in life is to wait for the right time for God to grant my prayers. may mga bagay na hindi dapat minamadali. only God knows when is the right time. so i leave everything up to him.

    Bisaya pud ko due to an overlong stay in Davao. But Im Ilongga since birth. South Cot is a community of Ilonggos.

    Im hppy to know you Mhaira Zyrene. I think I ought to call you Ma’am?

    tc always!

  49. mhaira zyrene Says:

    actually, north and south cotabato ang naputahan ko. Napansin ko din iyon na maraming ilongga and ilonggo sa cotabato. Basta. the best ang Sebu lake. Malayo lang sa Marbel. Pero sulit ang pagod pag nasa lake kana.

    Sayang di ko talaga mababasa ang PB mo sa LM. PHR and MSV lang ang available na PB sa CDO.

    Ma’am ka gud tawon!!! Please don’t call me ma’am. tumatayo ang balahibo ko pag tinatawag ako na ma’am. Zyrene nalang. Feeling na ko guramy na ko kung tawagon ko ug ma’am. 23 pa lang naman ako.

    Nice to meet you too Ms. Sharon.

  50. sharon rose Says:

    23 ka pa lang? wow, mas gurang pa diay ko sa imoha.. hehehe…

    i want to go back to Lake Sebu for an inspiration. Maganda kasi dun. I once thought a story about the place. Gusto kong idevelop yung mga islands sa gitna ng lake. make bridges to connect them together. hehe… Nakaadto na pud ka sa 7 falls? Kapoy lang hinuon siya kay maghiking pa ka.

    Cg Ill call you Zyrene. Dont call me Ms. na lang din ha… hehehe…


  51. mhaira zyrene Says:

    Hi Sharon!

    Yan no more Ms and Ma’am na.

    Punta isla lang napuntahan ko. Di ko na visit ang ibang spots sa cotabato. Papunta pa nga lang sa lake kinain na ang oras ko. Maybe next time punta ako sa falls na sinasabi mo.

    Magandang idea nga iyon na ibida mo ang Lake sa novel mo. Majority kasi sa nabasa ko na PB manila ang settings. Para maiba naman mindanao ang ibida.

    Agree ako sayo na nakaka inspire ang lugar na iyon. Kaya lang hindi ako pumunta doon para ma inspire. Pumunta ako para umiyak. Mag drama. Mag emote. mag release ng tension. Magtago. To make it simple, I tried to mend my broken heart sa place na iyon. Medyo effective man pud. Kay pagtan aw nku sa ako mga pictures nka smile man. Mura wala traces nga victim of L_O_V_E. hahaha…


  52. Sharon Rose Says:

    hehe… this is better.

    maganda pmunta dun sa seven falls but its so tiring. the first time na pmunta kmi dun ako palagi ang nasa likuran at parang gusto ko na lang magpagulong-gulong kasi madali akong mapagod. ang sakit ng tuhod ko. bata pa pro may rayuma na hehehe… i just dont like hiking. high school pa kami nun. basta pag hiking i say no na talaga. or else maiiwan ako… hehehe…

    di pa ako nakakabalik sa punta isla. mas magada na daw doon ngayon. the place is a perfect place to mend a broken heart… hehehe… di ko lang alam kung marami din guwapo dun.. haha! siguro meron, mga turista.

    nakakabuang talaga yang love. masakit lang sa ulo pag maheartbroken ka but a fountain of happiness if its real. ganun talaga ang buhay. isa siyang sugal. its up for you to make a relationship workout and steadfast despite of storms. but then if hindi talaga siya dapat na iworkout, bayaan mo na. kumabaga dont cry for over spilled milk. kasi spilled na siya. kahit isave mo pa, madumi na.


  53. sha musta?gusto ko man da mag kadto sa davao galing wla gd time ah.. gusto ko tlaga ng ganyang place mountains, falls etc. nature lover talaga ako hahaha.. gusto ko ngan tumira jan eh. how i wish someday mkakadto gdko jan ah.. ingat ka

  54. mhaira zyrene Says:

    Wala ko kita ug gwapo adto na time. Ambot kung asa sila. Kung may nakita ako di ko na kailangan mag-emote sa lugar na iyon. Baka nag-uwi pa ako kahit isa sa mga fafa doon. Pero wala talaga akung nakita or basin busy lang ko cry mao wala ko ka bantay. Grrrrhh….Tilapya noon daghan didto hahaha…

  55. sharon rose Says:

    kadto ka bala di sa amon grasya. ipasyal ta ka di. damo di lagawan. pro kung makdato sa 7 falls indi ta ka pag updan ya. kapuy-kapoy! hehe…

  56. sharon rose Says:

    daghan man pud siguro gwapo ddto a. cg man gud ka hilak nagblurred na imo mata… hehe…

    cg lang kakita jud ka ana para sa imoha. ang daming lalaki sa mundo.

  57. mhaira zyrene Says:

    hindi ko talaga na notice ang mga gwapo didto kung naa man. Sige next time mag visit ko sa lake mag-alert-alert na ko. Pangitaon jud naku ang na imo gi ingon na gwapo.

  58. Sharon Rose Says:

    cg lng sa susunod, i will help you find those handsome faces…

  59. mhaira zyrene Says:

    Salamat daan. Gusto ko ilonggo. Malambing kasi mag talk. Pero pwede din naman kahit sino. Basta di lang kalahi ni kadapi janjalani. hehehe….

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  87. hi ms sha…for how many months i attempt to ask u pwo now lang ako nka2roon ng guts..bakit wala na kayo sa phr?sana hwag kayong magagalit ha kac idol na idol kac kita.ang ganda pa naman ng mga story mo.idol q yong novel mo na sbu at de marco brothers but it never happen na ngkakaroon pa na kasunod..cge lang akong ng intay na bago mong palabas sa phr pro wala na pala kayo roon.ang sabi ko sa sarili ko sana yong story mo naman sa phr na ipapalabas sa abs-cbn ang susunod na ilabas. reply naman kayo ha para ma liwanagan naman ako…yong mga bago mong novel hindi na ako nakasunod..definitely i lived somewhere n northern mindanao, only phr lang ang available sa bookstore..thnx and happy new year!!!

  88. Hi Juvy! Hindi po ako si Jorina Reyes. She’s my all time favorite writer and I love her a lot along with Martha Cecilia and Eve Montelibano.

    Matagal ko ring inabangan ang mga novels niya at isa ako sa nalungkot ng tumigil siya sa pagsusulat. Pero sabi ni Ate Jo nagsusulat pa rin naman daw siya pero iba na ang gamit na pen name.

    How I really wish na sana ay bumalik na siya sa pagsusulat! I missed her novels so much na din kasi eh.

    Happy New Year din sau! Ingat lagi!

  89. oh!! really? ganon ba..nakakalungkot naman..alam mo may nabasa akong isang article na about u and jorina reyes ay iisa lang daw..sabi pa naman nang ng respond sa akin noon na sinabi daw nya sa’yo na ” sabi ko hwag mong ibahin ang pen name mo kac yon ang love ng mga tao “.akala ko iikaw na yon mis sha..but anyway ok na yon dahil naliwanagan na ako after all..tnx sa uulitin na pg reply mo!!! tc dn…

  90. haha! marami talagang naglilipana sa internet na hindi totoo. good at malinaw na ang mga bagay2x sau ngayon. tc

  91. hello mis sha!!pwd q ba malaman na ano ang pen name ni miss jorina?thank u dn sa info…

    ingat lagi!!!

  92. sorry girl hindi ko rin alam eh. 😦

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