Writer’s Galore


In the desire to know you guys, I have come up with this page. Let’s get to know each other. dito pwede kayo magpakilala. Im not the only one who would like to know info about you but all of us. di kasi sapat ang chikahan lang, hehe… siyempre gusto rin natin makilala kung sino ang kinakausap natin di ba?

Since nakakalat na sa ibat-ibang pages ang info bout sa akin, its ur turn to introduce yourself now. para sa inyo ang page na ito.

Im already excited to read tidbits bout you.

And i would like to point out that everybody is welcome here… readers, fellow writers, friends or just tambay lang… hehehe… wala pong discrimination dito. well, unless if u intend to create havoc and plant seeds of malice that may anger any of the people here… :).

I won’t feel bad if anybody will mention any writer, in fact, writers are very much accommodated. i want to have a harmonious relationship and let’s leave things such as competition, insecurity, comparison, etc… behind…

I am not a possessive pal. as much as possible, i want to broaden our perspective. hindi ako maghihinanakit if i know my friends reading other writers’ books. i actually recommend them to read not just my own work but others as well. kasi hindi naman sa lahat ng oras ay nagsusulat ako. and nakakabore kayang maghintay, di ba? hehe…

I adore fellow writers. kasi hindi madali ang magsulat. and it takes passion and dedication. alam ko yan kasi ako ay writer din and reader as well.

Basta mag-enjoy lang tayo. Make friends and aim for world peace… (whoah! parang miss universe.. haha!)

O siya game na ako…Sino kaya una magpakilala?

Cg ako na nga ang mauna… hehe…


Pen Name: Sharon Rose

Nickname: Shawee (or whatever u like)

Status:  Its Complicated… haha!

Age: 25

School: UP in Mindanao

Course: BS Architecture

Occupation: Writer (if nasa mood magsulat), Archtl Designer (wala pang project, hehe), Call Center Agent (main source of living), Painter (kapag may nagpapapinta)

Interesting Facts: man-hater ako dati (huhu), i love to flatter my eyes (magpapakahirap akong maglagay ng mascara), may pagka-autistic (may sarili akong mundong ginawa para sa sarili ko), i have planned my death (but will never think about it right now and the coming years), had been in the brink of death for many times (nahulog ako sa puno, muntik ng malunod sa ilog, muntik ng malapa ng mga aso, muntik ng mabangga, muntik ng ma-rape… haha! muntik-muntikan lang lahat kasi anjan si Lord palagi nagbabantay sa akin at ang aking guardian angel… naks!)


Pen Name: Eve Montelibano

Nickname: Eve

Status:  Single but Happy 🙂

Age: 36

School: UP Diliman

Occupation: Writer, Interior Designer, Artist

Interesting Facts: “I did not wake up one morning and started writing like I do now. Nothing comes that easy in this world. It took several years of intensive reading and studying until I finally had the guts to submit my first manuscript to the major publishing house in those days, which I will confess was REJECTED. But I have come a long way since then. Yet even today, after several published books, I continue to study, to hone my craft. I read tons of books on all subjects. I never stopped learning. Such is life anyway. We should never stop exploring and learning. Knowledge is the key to a higher understanding.”


Pen Name: Yumi Sagara

Age: 31

Status: Happily Married

School: —oooppsss— (wala… hehe… kasi if she will tell u, she’ll gonna kill you 🙂 )

Course: top secret daw… 🙂

Occupation: Writer (dekalibreng manunulat din to)

Interesting facts: quoted from her friendster

“I’m not your typical kind of girl. I don’t follow a trend or a norm. You can say I am a bit complicated. I am small and I move fast. Clumsy at times. I am lactose-intolerant. I am nearsighted but I hate wearing my eyeglasses all the time. I like wearing tees, jeans and sneakers particularly Skechers. I am a nighthawk, an insomniac actually. I have an interest in photography. I am fascinated in Archeology and Astronomy. I love writing literatures but I don’t have ample time for it now. I used to drink occasionally but I haven’t been into alcohol for a while now.

My life is not ordinary. I’ve seen both the dark and lighter side of the world. I’ve been through a lot in life, experienced the harsh realities of it. I am a rebel without a cause. I gripe about everything under the sun just for the heck of it. But at the end of the day, I feel thankful I still exist. Most people found me snobbish and quiet at first. Some said I’m kinda intimidating. But I am just shy and anti-social. I don’t make friends easily. I don’t like smiling a lot. I hate crowds. I don’t trust other people right away. People say I am smart but I say I am just open-minded and practical. I have an active imagination and a photographic memory. I have strong intuitions and good logical reasoning.

I love my family. I would do anything to keep them safe. I would sacrifice my own happiness for them. I love my husband. He is my little piece of heaven. My refuge. I feel safe in his arms. I love waking up in the morning with him. I enjoy taking long rides with him. I love the nature- the stars, the ocean, the snow, the trees, the birds in the blue skies… I love my country. I am always proud of my heritage. I will bleed and die for what I believe in. You can take everything away from me, but you can never take away my dignity. Life’s a bitch. Yes. But I deal with it. I never lose faith. Hope as you breathe. Live your life to the fullest. Or you’ll die with a broken heart. I am a Filipino. By heart and by soul. I adapt. I move on. I survive. I celebrate life.”


Pen Name: Elise Estrella
Nickname: uhm, Elise
Occupation: freelance writer / blogger / author
Hobbies: Writing romance, fantasy, and sci-fi novels, blogging, reading anything romantic that I can get my hands on, collecting e-books and Twilight pictures off the Internet, haunting bookstores, lounging, surfing the Net, reading erotic romance novels and looking at Travis Fimmel pictures (best done at the same time)
Likes: the moon and stars, the ocean, secondhand books, audio books, scented candles, my laptop, Cedric and my iPod Touch, Acheron

What’s your status right now? Are you single, married, or it’s complicated?
Love is like….?
A warm blanket in a stormy day.
Love makes the world….?
What’s your first love like?
It’s complicated.
What’s the one thing you won’t do for love?
Hurt someone else.
Do you believe that everyone has a soulmate?
Don’t I wish?
Roses and Chocolates….Romantic or Corny?
Corny from the wrong person, romantic from the right one.
Long-distance relationships….Go for it or Run away from it?
Depends on how much you love the person.
Muscular men in tight fitting shirt and jeans….Sexy or Nasty?
Isang Linggong Pag-ibig….True love or Kabaliwan?
Kabaliwan… I tend to think love takes a bit more time to happen.


Pen Name:  Niña Plaus

Status:  Happily Married (with 3 kids)

Age: 32

School: Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila

Occupation: Writer

Interesting Facts: taken from her friendster

“ako…. ang pagkakaalam ko matino akong tao.. he he he… at higit sa lahat maganda ako he hehe… di po ako nagsisinungaling masama po iyon! Maniwala po kayo he he he… Mahilig akong magbake… masarap ang chocolate mousse ko… i love to sing… maganda din ang boses ko he hehe.. pasensiya na ha. wala kasing pumupuri sa akin kundi asawa ko… nanay ko…he he he!

I’m a loving wife, sobra! Ako yong tipong tao na gagawin ko ang lahat para sa minamahal ko kahit pa hindi ko alam pinag-aaralan ko just to please them. As a mother, I’m so giving. Lahat ng kaya ko ibigay, binibigay ko kaya napapagalitan ako ng sister ko na naispoiled ko daw ang mga anak ko. At higit sa lahat.. Maganda po talaga ako he he he! Kulit noh? Inis po ako sa mga taong feeling! as in feeling… matalino at feeling maganda…. at feeling rich…. totoong tao po ako at di plastic!”


Pen Name:  Liana Sky

Status:  Happily Married

Age: secret yata… hehe…

Interesting facts:


Pen Name:  Annie Lorr

Status:  Single

Age:  22

Interesting facts:  wala ako mahanap.. ehehe…


Pen Name:  Jean Mae Oryza

Status:  In a relationship

Age:  23

Interesting facts:

“Judge me. and I’ll prove you wrong. TeLL me what to do, & I’ll tell you off. Say I’m not worth it & watch where I end up. Call me a bitch and I’LL show you one. I am What I am, & that is someone you can never be. your approval isn’t needed. WeLL, i’m a mess & my room usually is too i laugh at the stupidiest thing and always say the wrong things at the wrong time I cry for no reason and sometimes, I get mad easily I’m not a perfect girl My hair doesn’t always stay in place I spill a lot of things and i’m pretty Clumsy but when I think about it & take a step back,< i remember how amazing my life truly is And i like being IMPERFECT. “


Pen Name:  Tarra Buluran

Status:  Married

Age:  38

Interesting Fact:

“Tarra Buluran is dramatically sweet, demonstrative, and an incurable romantic. She’s a novelist at heart, lover of charcoal painting, and an art enthusiast…”


Pen Name:  Cassandra Victoria

Status:  Single

Age:  19

Interesting Fact:

“a total pathetic, insecure, introvert lady that would eventually penetratE the bullEtproof braIn Inside the small case of Your PRiCEleSs HEAd!!!Well you can also say that i am a hopeless romantic…oh!what am i saying…i’m a crybaby when it comes to family matters but… i’m a cold hearted woman when it comes to men, hmmmm a challenge to men’s high rated EGO….can also be an introvert that has lots of thoughts goin in my freaking head that sometimes all the ideas would just pop out of my head and Tssaaaaran….i’m already writing something…”


75 Responses to “Writer’s Galore”

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  2. sharon rose Says:

    start na kayo magpakilala… hehehe…

  3. hehe… for the meantime yan pa lang muna… mag info hunting pa ko para mas marami…

    napansin ko lang. these girlfriends are all beautiful… hehe…

    ciao girls! 🙂

  4. hello there!

    medyo matagal din akong nawala sa sirkulasyon. hehe!

    ngayon-ngayon ko pa lang nakikilala ang mga writers ng bookware ( i just went back to writing again- boring kasi ang job ko dito, kailangang ma-exercise ang utak para di amagin na lang! hehe!)

    ms. sharon, i am very delighted to know someone like you. please continue being an inspiration to the filipino youths today. i’m proud of you at sana dumami pa ang tulad mo sa bansa natin.

    visit my site if you have time: http://yumisagara.multiply.com/

    also, add my friendster na rin: yumisagara11@yahoo.com.ph

    god bless and take care always!


  5. (my second attempt to post this. di ko nakita the first time for some reason.)

    hello there!

    medyo matagal din akong nawala sa sirkulasyon. hehe!

    ngayon-ngayon ko pa lang nakikilala ang mga writers ng bookware ( i just went back to writing again- boring kasi ang job ko dito, kailangang ma-exercise ang utak para di amagin na lang! hehe!)

    ms. sharon, i am very delighted to know someone like you. please continue being an inspiration to the filipino youths today. i’m proud of you at sana dumami pa ang tulad mo sa bansa natin.

    visit my site in multiply.com if you have time

    also, add my friendster na rin: yumisagara11@yahoo.com.ph

    god bless and take care always!


  6. sharon rose Says:

    oh hi yumi!

    sorry bout ur first post, for whatever reason it did not show up. cguro ngka-error sa page kaya di nasubmit.

    anyways, im happy at nagtry ka ulit. now i know you. 🙂 tnx!

    i’ll visit ur multiply and i’m done adding u up in friendster.

    pwede ba isama ko profile mo sa mga posts sa taas ng page? hehe… it wud be an honor for us. welcome and thanks for the time. im sure my friends will be happy to get to know u too..


  7. mia travilla Says:

    Hahhh, gwabe ka talaga sha>…di ka makahintay ha!!! hehe..

  8. thanks a lot, sharon!

    sure, girl, go ahead. kaka-flatter naman, hehe! pero di ba diyahe, ako’ng pinaka-gurang dito? hahaha!

    i just started reading some of your story excerpts. wow, you’re one brilliant writer. malayo ang mararating mo, i can feel it. keep up the good work.

    hope we can meet someday, too.

    keep in touch!

  9. ayan, featured friend na kita sa friendster. hehe!

    i’m gonna tell my friends in the philippines na bumili ng books mo.

    and, wow, pareho pala tayong virgo. we do share almost the same views and outlooks in life, too. kakagulat naman.

  10. sharon rose Says:

    aha mia… impatient ako luvs eh… hehe… 🙂

    and sabi mo dadagdagan mo, eh nasaan na? 🙂


  11. sharon rose Says:

    hi yumi! oks lang… looking young ka pa nman eh… and inlove! 🙂

    salamat sa time u have devoted to read my posts… i really felt flattered. at ang papuri ay kalabisan na… 🙂 parang sumisikip na yata dibdib ko… hehehe… 🙂

    ikaw din nmn… isa kang batikang manunulat… whew! malalim na tagalog na to… nosebleed… hehe…

    yeah, i really hope we can meet someday. that wud be a fateful day… haha!

    im fond reading astrology and horoscopes. and since magkapareho tayo ng zodiac sign, magkapareho din ang ugali natin. we share some common characteristics. yan pala ang common denominator natin… hehehe…

    it was so nice meeting you! godbless always!


  12. sharon rose Says:

    marami pa akong idadagdag ha… magagawan ko rin lahat ng profile… pgod na kasi ako… cg guys… nytnyt!

  13. hi, sha!

    thank you sa paglalagay mo ng profile ko dito, girl. hehe! ganda din ng napili mong pic para sa akin. galing-galing mo pumili! thanks! thanks!

    flattered talaga ako…. grabe na ‘to!

    hehe! actually… (pabuhat ng sariling bangko, ha?) wala talaga sa itsura ko ang 31 years old. ahem! ahem! seriously, ‘yun ang sabi nila. bakit? kasi, maliit ako. hahahahaaa!!! may advantage din pala ang pagiging pandak, no?

    i don’t like competitions. and i’m the least competitive person you’ll ever know. for me, sa school lang may kumpetisyon. hehe!

    shawie, it’s an honor talaga to finally meet you and it’s a pride that we both write for the same company. pati na rin si ms. elise…

    and seriously, i never met a person before that’s so talented and pretty at the same time. you’re like a gem. 🙂 basta keep up the good work, continue making other people happy. and continue being a good role model for the youth.

    proud ako sa’yo, iha!

  14. sharon rose Says:

    siyempre pipiliin ko yung maganda para lahat tayo maganda… haha! 🙂 ….

    u really look young yumi. basta kasi inaalagaan ang beauty di ka madaling tumanda… hehe… kaya iwas simangot at kahit pa nga ngumiti. dapat relax palagi ang mukha at emotionless para di kaagad magka wrinkles… hehe… 🙂
    idagdag pa kapag maliit ka, parang baby lang tingnan palagi. pareho tayo… may lahing “HOBBITS” hehe… whatever bsta pretty, okay na… 🙂 naks.

    im delighted to meet u too… baka magkapareho tayo ng bday? sbay na lang tayo magcelebrate… 🙂 pro bsta ikaw ang taya… nyahaha!

    at sobrang salamat sa papuri ha. bigla tuloy lumakas ang hangin dito… hehehe…

    elise is a great writer too. and marami pa sa MSV actually. hope ull get to know them as well. 🙂

    advance happy bday sa ating dalawa… hahaha!

    cg tc!

  15. hehe! mabuhay ang mga pandak!

    but you look tall in your pics, sha. how tall- este short are you? hehe! ako, 5’1 lang. nyahaha!

    august 28 bday ko. aba, pag andiyan lang ako, libre kita sa turo-turo. hehe!

    oo, i’d like to meet them, too. it’s fun corresponding with you guys. feeling tunay na writer na talaga ako. ahehe!

    have anice day!

  16. sharon rose Says:

    magkapareho din tayo ng height Yumi… cguro i may look tall in my pics because i wear heels and kind slender… haha feeling sexy tuloy ako. tska kahit papano long legged ako. kaya ayun nadadaya ang height.. 🙂

    mas may K ka pa kaya na writer kesa sa aming mga baguhan lang talaga. at least ikaw matagal na nagsusulat. ako ng bago lang at paminsan-minsan pa. u shud be proud of yourself.. 🙂 kung ayaw mo naman ako na lang maging proud para sa iyo… hehehe…

    hay sana nga may diwata na makarinig ng hiling ko. na sana sa bday natin e umuwi ka ng pinas para malibre mo naman ako… 🙂 PG (patay-gutom) ako pagdating sa LIBRE haha!

  17. wow! i thought 5’7 ang height mo sa pics. galing, ah! pero parang optical illusion lang pala! hahaha! pero day, katawan mo, pang-beauty queen. mukha ka ngang artista, eh!

    i still consider myself na newbie sa pagsusulat, sha. hindi ko kasi masyado kina-career noon since may iba akong job. at saka antagal ding tumigil ako because of some personal matters.

    hay, sana nga, makauwi ako soon. miss ko na ang aking bayang magiliw. kaso, dami pa ibang responsibilities na dapat unahin. huhu!

    seriously, pag nakauwi ako diyan, try nating kita-kits tayo nina elise. akyat tayo ng baguio. gala tayo roon. at promise, lilibre kita sa turo-turo! :p umpisahan na nating mag-ipon. hehehe!

    sige sha, tutulog na ako! hanggang sa muli! ingatz!

  18. sharon rose Says:

    hehehe… okies… cg mastart na rin ako mag-ipon. piso-piso everyday :). maganda yang Baguio. sana mayaman na ako ng time na yun. hehe…

  19. sharon rose Says:

    para pag nagkita tayo bonggang-bongga!

  20. sharon rose Says:

    cg yumi… sleep tight… mwah!

  21. piso para sa baguio… hahaha!

    who knows? soon ay matupad iyun, di ba? 🙂

    cge, sha. see ya around!

    goodluck on all your plans in life. sana lahat ng dreams mo, matupad. 🙂

  22. mia travilla Says:

    Mia, madrama, malambing, maarte, haha who mia truly is…??? she,s like under the many circumstances in her life is something not many would really expect, very vulnerable, she laughs a lot but can easily cry when pained or move, she gets up everyday expecting even greater battles to fight and mountains to hurdle but gets by just fine, she is quite inside no matter how fun loving she me seem on the outside and can sometimes feel alone even in a crowded room, mia likes listening to peoples stories asking them so many questions in an attempt to get to know them better but doesn’t up open to everybody as easily as she has made them confide, mia is just like any other human being, someone who aspires for a simple, meaningful life, someone who cares deeply for people, someone who can love selflessly, someone who can lose herself in something and find it just the same in the end of every endeavor..mia is very observant especially not only to things but mostly to the people close to her, a genuine kind of person, she loved her family soooo much, cant lve w/out them….

    ayan na, nag nosebled na ako,haha! ingat lagi luvz ingatan mo ang gwapitos natin ha, ehem! love you so much..

  23. sharon rose Says:

    Mia…hehe… okies luvs a.. no problem :). iupdate ko na ang profile mo… hehehe…

  24. sharon rose Says:

    yumi… sana nga magdilang-anghel ka… sana nga matupad lahat ng mga pangarap ko… hehehe…

    i’ll start saving so that i can come with u and elise in Baguio. kita-kits… 🙂

  25. let’s pray for it. 🙂

    i always admire people with such principles, compassion and conviction in life. and i only knew a handful. and you’re one of them. 🙂

    hay, sana yumaman din ako someday so that i can be a sponsor sa ipapatayo mong school/foundation. 🙂

  26. and, yes. i really want us to meet someday in baguio. 🙂

    you have a nice day there over there, sha.

  27. sharon rose Says:

    looking forward for our meeting day… 🙂

  28. sharon rose Says:

    tnx yumi! 🙂

    dakila rin pala ang puso mo… hehehe…

    darating din ang araw na yan. at iyon ang maging pinakamasayang araw sa buhay ko. 🙂

    sa ngayon, let’s take it easy. ikaw ang una kong hahanapin kapag matutupad na ang dream na ito. para share tayo… 🙂


  29. sana nga, sha. 🙂 madali na lang ang lahat basta may maraming pera. hehe!

    i worked in the social welfare in the government before, i was exposed to the real situations of our less fortunate countrymen. mas madami pa palang mga tao ang mas mahirap kesa sa akin and i could only do so much for them. kaya naman natutuwa ako nang mabasa ko ang mga plano sa buhay. hindi lahat ng tao may malaking puso gaya mo. 🙂

    goodluck and god bless you always!

  30. sharon rose Says:

    let’s just pray for the best…


  31. sharon rose Says:

    happy holly week sa lahat…


  32. sharon rose Says:

    happy easter din Yumi! tc

  33. hi! lahat ba ng nagsign jan eh mga writters.. hehe… i like your idea… mas lalo kong nakilala yung iba pang writters… go Girl!!!

  34. sharon rose Says:

    hi summer! yung nasa upper portion lang mga writers… yung iba eh hindi… ikaw gusto mo rin ba sumali? hehehe… may friendster ka? pakiaad naman ako… tnx!

  35. gwapa_ako Says:

    hahaha! hi sha, i miss you soooooooo much, hows life? huhuhu, nacira nanaman pc ko, tagal pa to kc walang compatible na memory, d kc pwd memory ko!!! masisira ang utak ko mabuang na. miss you sha, kumusta mga gwapitos ko na boyfriend? ako po to si mia! nakalimutan ko nanaman ang password, sowweeee txt mo ko ha email ko nalang sayo number ko. may globe na ako kaso lang yong cp ko pinapaayos pa ic daw ang sira huhu mahal pala ang ic nya, nakita mo yong cp ko? sobra 1k ang ic pulubi na ako. nga pala dito n daw si gracia sa manila sha email sya sakin binigay ko na yong number ko but til now di pa sya tumawag, 2 daw sila ni jay? totoo ba? uwi daw sila iloilo, naintriga nga ko kong totoo, parang di ako makapaniwala, may alam ka ba? hahaha (tsiswizzz) please naman txt sa smart number ha. wala ka na number sakin eh……mwahhhhhhh!!!!! i miss you, love you soooooo much!!! haha para tayong mag syota!! gracia asan ka na? miss na kita, ayaw mo yata puntahan kita sa mansion mo ah!!! ( hahaha) kala mo ha, malapit lang naman bahay mo sa house ng loa ko, magkikita pa rin tayo hehe!ove you din gracia….GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  36. sharon rose Says:

    hi luvs!!! miss u so much! hehehe…

    okay lang yan datu man ka… 🙂

    yup ngchat din kami ni grace pauwi na daw sila ni jay. nagtxt man ko sa imo wla siguro nimo na receive.

    ingat lagi…

  37. ..hi there,,
    ..kmuxta nmn po keong lht..
    ..ang tgl ko ring nwala e, ndi n ako nkakabisita d2.. hehhehe
    ..kakagulat naman po, my profile pla ako dito.. hehehhe
    ..di ko akalaing meron pla ako dito.. wahh..
    ..pero ang cute naman ng page n to.. hehehhe

  38. hhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmm.. c mia pala eto bakit nag iba kna nag name dto? nag papamis ka cguro jan.. prang nkita ko ata ang pix ko jan? thanks sha sa efforts hehehehe… prang subra naman ata jan sa akin hehehehe.. wla na ako jan nag work umuwi na kmi hehehehe dto na ako sa pinas… cge ingat kau lagi ha.. reagrds pala sa mga new frenz dto ingat kau…..

  39. sharon rose Says:

    hi bosing.. ok lang yan. bawi na lang sa susunod. namiss na kita bah sobra. kaw din nagpapamiss hehehe…

    cg kita-kits…


  40. sharon rose Says:

    kaw din myra… nagpapamiss ka rin… hehehe… buti naman at nakadalaw ka uli dito. i know ur busy… basta ingat lagi sa buhay… 🙂 .. at sa paghahanap ng inspirasypn….


  41. sharon rose Says:

    marami pa ako idagdag sa list. wala pa kasi ako profile ng iba at wala pa enough time. pasaglit-saglit lang kasi ako sa paglog-in. wait na lang yung iba ha… 🙂

  42. myra_17 Says:

    ..hehehe,, ndi nmn po ako ngpapamis..weh..
    ..bcng bc leo ngeon ah,,
    ..ingatz din po keo.. muahh^^

  43. sharon rose Says:

    its okay… i understand.. ako man ay busy din palagi. ang daming ginagawa.. hay naku… but its okay..

    basta ingat lagi.. mwa!

  44. hello.. meron po ba kayong email add?
    writer din ako kaso sa ibang publishing house…
    na-intriga ako bigla sayo. hehe..
    pang bida kasi face mo eh..
    tsaka personality mo din…
    pwede bang sa next story ko,
    ikaw ang inspiration ko sa bida na girl?

  45. Hi Rezel!

    email ad ko po is vampire_world2002@yahoo.com

    Sa anong publication ka nagsusulat?

    hehehe… nakakaflatter naman yang naintriga ka sa akin. naks! marami pang mga writers na magaganda din. If I inspire you, why not? its okay girl. Im gving you my permission to use me… hehehe… 🙂


  46. puwede ba akong mag post kahit sa ibang publisher ako???

  47. sharon rose Says:

    Hi Rezel!

    Sure! no probs. welcome magpost. I will add your profile here pag may time na ako. right now im soooo busssyyyy…. ilang days nga ako di nakapag-online.

    para nman sa mga writers ang page na ito and walang discrimination dito… hehehe…

    enjoy posting!

  48. helo ms. shawee 2nd tym ko magkomen,, pero d ko na nakita yung isa kong komen… musta na po?? may balita kna kung kelan marelease yung book mo? alam nio po ang ganda mo!!! kamukha mo si kristine na parang si kathleen hermosa din!!! nong d ko pa alam na writer ka nagsearch po ako kay JORINA REYES fortunately ikaw po nahanap ko!!! nashock ako pagbasa ko sa page mo, writer po pla kayo ng LOVEMATCH…

    ms. shawee may idea po ba kayo kung saan na si ms. JORINA REYES???
    i read her novel entitled PAGLUHA MO ANG HANGAD KO, first edition 1999 at may dedication po nakasulat sa inyo nkaindicate..ito po yung laman ng sulat

    To Sharon Rose Catalan

    i received your letter, my lovely kiddo. And I’m so happy that you still remember and care for me. Don’t worry, pipilitin kong pagbigyan ang kahilingan mo. Anyway, natutuwa ako at maganda naman pala ang relasyon ninyong mag-ina. Sana’y patuloy kang maging magandang halimbawa ng isang kabataan.
    Advanced happy birthday!


  49. sharon rose Says:

    Hi Dhannica! You can comment at Every page of this website. I think yung una mong comment eh nandun sa first page, Related Links. Iba-iba kasing comments ang makikita mo every page and medyo marami na rin ang pages sa website na ito.

    hehehe… medyo marami na rin nagsabi na kamukha ko si Kristine Hermosa, uglier version nga lang… haha!

    about Jorina, she’s in Hongkong right now. pro nagsusulat pa rin daw xa. iba na nga lang pen name ang ginagamit. di ko pa nga natatanggap ang books na sabi niya papadala daw niya sa akin… 🙂 I love her until now… 🙂

    at may copy ka pa pala ng book niya na meron akong dedication. nice pwede mahingi yan? hehehe….

  50. ms. shawee how i wish akin tong book hindi po ako magdadalawang isip ibigay sayo..ang may ari po ng book yung new friend ko nakilala ko sa online sa website. gusto niya humiram ng book ni ms. eve sakin kaya ayun po nag exchange kami..pinahiram niya ako ng mga lumang PHR at MSV niya..

    sa PHR parin po ba nagsusulat si ms. jorina? what na po pen name niya ngayon?

    tnx ms. shawee sa reply

  51. hehe.. joke lang.

    sa phr pa rin daw sia nagsusulat. malalaman ko lang pen name niya kapag nareceive ko na yung books. secret daw muna eh.

  52. yasmin joo Says:

    heyo ate sharon!!!
    ang saya ko talaga at na-meet kita.

    hmm… nalilito parin ako kung anong pic ang ipapa-paint ko.
    tapos na kasi bday ni papa. hehe.

    siguro sa christmas ko na lang ibibigay or sariling
    pic ko na lang ipapa-paint ko.
    send ko na lang po sa inyo.

  53. sharon rose Says:

    Hi Yasmin!

    Wow girl, im not expecting na magmeet tayo sa Diaz… ehehe… coincidence super and thrilling as well. at last no nag meet na rin tayo and it was unplanned. buti na lang nakilala mo ako after a very hago day and pawis pawis na. pagkaalis mo napatingin tuloy ako sa salamin. baka mukha na akong factory ng oil… hehehe…

    buti nakilala mo ako. im wondering tuloy. siguro kamukha ko nga yung mga pix ko…. hahaha!!!!!!!!

    beauty ka pala girl. nice meeting you talaga. daan daan ka lang sa pwesto pag may time ka.

    email mo lang ang pix na ipapaint.


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  55. Hello, Sharon! Ay, grabe, sobrang natuwa ako dito sa writer’s galore mo! Surprised ako kc nakasama ako, he he, thanks! Nahumaling din akong basahin yung nakalagay sa interesting fact mo, at napangiti ako kc honestly, hilig ko ring i-flatter ng mascara ang mga mata ko at sa parteng iyan, magkakasundo tayo. Go, girl!

  56. Any information on your sources though?

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  58. sharon rose Says:

    hi Tara! ay pareha pala tayo pagdating sa bagay na yan. well it gives us confidence if u know that u are pretty di ba? hehe…

    happy new year to everyone!

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  66. I imagine it is. Very good stuff, glad I found this.

  67. hello miss sharon. 🙂 just dropped by to read the profiles above. pareho tayo ng boss! 🙂

    i also got acquainted with yumi sagara and jean mae oryza a couple of months ago. haha. small world!!

  68. Hi Anya! we have the same circle of acquaintances as we both have written for MSV and LM. thanks for peeking into my webbie… tc!

  69. Hi miss Sha, now ko lang po nabasa ung Burn for love na prologue, ang ganda naman, napublish na po ba to? ano po latest book nyo? pls. reply po kayo, by d way im claire po. hope to hear from u.

  70. sharon rose Says:

    Hi claire! di pa published ang burn for love. its coming very very soon. pakiabangan na lang po. thank u for reading my novels.. tc~

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  73. ok i have a question to all u ladies…when you are in a relationship or married are there rules that applies? Lyk when ur boyfriend or hubby tells u dont go out do u do it? and y?

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