My Biography


Born in September 13, 1983 in Norala, South Cotabato, Philippines, I grew up to be a talented person. Which I give most of the credit to my mother who supported and helped me hone my talents and potentials. I was just 6 years old when I started drawing and painting. I wrote my first stage play at the age of 11 and graduated as Artist of the Year as well as received the First Honor Award during my Elementary Education.

In High School, I was an official student journalist of our school’s magazine and newspaper. I served as literary editor for one year. I often represented our school in various competitions such as Science Fairs, Quizz Bees, Writing Competitions, Poster Making and Slogan Competitions, etc, etc, and most of the time went home bringing the bacon. It was also during High School that I was fond reading novels and started making my own too. High School life ended but it gave me an achievement, being the Salutatorian among 1,000 graduates.

I welcomed College life with open arms. I thought it was just easy, but the moment the class started, my impression and presumptions turned out amiss. In fact, it was the hardest! I took up Bachelor of Science in Architecture in UP Mindanao (whoa! I’m proud to be UPian!) and spent hundreds of sleepless nights making plates and studying for other subjects other than Architecture. I really burnt my brows. But along the way, all my hardworks paid off. I received excellent grades and often I was included in the roster of Dean’s Lister or College Scholars.

Today I enjoy life writing Romance Stories and working hard to earn money, hehe, and having fun. I’m a nocturmal creature… a self-confessed vampire (*wink) and I’m up at night receiving calls and talking to Americans instead of sucking blood… I also do Architectural designs like Auto-CAD and 3D Modelling.

My greatest desire is to become a successful architect/writer/painter/entrepreneur and earn lots and lots of money so I’ll have the resources to build a self-sustaining School for underpriviledged students. I came from a humble beginning so I know what its like being one. Yung gustong-gusto mong mag-aral tapos walang sapat na pera ang parents mo to send you to school. Ang hirap. I believe having a good education is a tool to success! That’s why I worked and sacrificed a lot for everything I have now. I’m not yet rich at the moment but I’m living a decent life. At hindi na ako nawawalan ng pamasahe at ginugutom dahil may maganda akong trabaho which can sometimes support luxuries.

Idol ko si Oprah. Someday I’ll have my own school too! And there would be no streetchildren loittering around begging for alms. They will be spending their times honing their knowledge and skills in my school! haha! such a great plan for a small woman! I know I’m not a superwoman but I know I will make a difference someday!


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  1. grabe nman tong pangarap mo..pero syempre kaya mong abutin yan,pareho tayo idol ko din si oprah, hehehe..ako simple nalang pangarap ko, makita ko lang yong isang tao na matagal ko na d nakita, masaya na ako…syempre gusto ko din yumaman,hehehe! pero the best ka talaga…guys friend ko to…invisible friend nya ako,,,hahaha!!!!

  2. Sharon Rose Says:

    dati i don’t say this to other people… yung gusto kong gawin talaga.. nahihiya kasi ako. baka di ko magawa di ba? but i was inspired with one of my boss sa dating work. when we are talking about future plans. sabi niya di daw dapat ako mahiya. kasi its for the good of other people and not all people think that way. i know he’s proud of me so i should be proud of myself too. and i said, someday i really will make that dream a reality. with God’s help of course. di madaling gawin iyon. but nagawa ni oprah so magagawa ko rin iyon. someday!

  3. hmmm…di mo naman ako kalaban dyan eh! of corz kayang kaya mo yan, may strong determination ka nman d ba? kaya hindi imposible yan! sa pagkakaalam ko si oprah ang pinakamayamang celibrity, so someday ikaw din ang pinakamayamang writer dito sa pilipinas….


  4. Sharon Rose Says:

    hey dearie.. online ka din? il show you the photographs i took… wait ipost ko muna.

  5. yes po madam…hehe

  6. laupogz Says:

    hi shawee.. kahilak man sad ta aning bayugrapi nmo ui! hala.. padayon sa paglambo ug hinaut nga mgmalampuson ka sa imong mga suliran ug pangandoy sa kinabuhi.. wish u o ld best in life. pag-amping intawn dha day… hehehe…

  7. Sharon Rose Says:

    hoy islaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! musta nman ka pogi? hehehe… bisaya jud kaau kang daku bisag asa ka dal-on. di nman gani nako masabtan ang uban. hastang laluma. pro nalipay jud ko nakabisita ka diri. dugay na kaau ta la nagkita no? pirting tisuya na siguro nimo ron? hehehe…

  8. Ms Sharon pogi ba yang si Laupogz? di ko maintindihan usapan nyo except sa pogi. paregards po ako jan. ehihi..

  9. Sharon Rose Says:

    hay naku Arlene ang pogi nyan. dating miyembro yan ng bandang F4 eh. Islaw naay nakacrush sa imoha oh. pansina jud. naa ba ka uyab? basig unya naa diay masuko. basig kalbuhon pko k ako ang culprit. haha..

  10. talaga? cg po regards nyo po ako sa kanya ha? wala pa bang gf yan?

  11. Sharon Rose Says:

    wala pang gf yan.. marami lang chicks.. habulin ng chicks eh!

  12. laupogz Says:

    pagkatibay jud nmo shaw ui! migo jud ta bah!
    pogi na, tisoy pa! hastang bukhara sa akong mga kaunuran!!! whew! grabeh!!!

  13. laupogz Says:

    hmm.. hi arlene… can u give me ur ym acount if theres any? wag ka maxado mgpaniwala jan ky shawee.. ndi ako ganun kagwapo ah (hehe..gwapo pa rin ang dating!). friendship kc kmi kya grabe yan kng mkapuri sakin.. hehehe…
    misyu shawee.. (*wink) mubalik p ba ka dri dabaw in the future?
    P.S. im still single 🙂

  14. Sharon Rose Says:

    pauli nman gani ko dra sa davao Islaw. naa ra ka gihapon dira? kita-kits na ra ta kng magkita ta eh. hehehe…

    talaga po. ang guwapo po niyan. pwamis!!!!!!! hahaha!!!!!!!!!

  15. nahiya na po ako Ms. Sharon kc ang pogi naman ni Laupogz. di naman po ako kagandahan eh. hehehe… baka di naman niya ako pansinin. kau na lang po… hehehe…

  16. oi shawee.. kanus-a man ka mubalik dri? ania pa gyapon ko oi.. loyal gud ko sa akong halangdong dakbayan sa dabaw.. itxt ko ha kng naa nka dri aron mapiskan po ta ana imong grasya!!! hahahaha…

  17. Sharon Rose Says:

    hehe.. naa nko sa davao ron. asa naman ka?

  18. “I can’t believe you’re making me do this,” I yelled downstairs to my mom as I hopped on one foot from my bedroom to the bathroom, trying to fasten a sandal.

    “Just go and have fun,” my mom called back. “It’s not like you have to marry him.”

    Two weeks before, my mom had been in contact with a long-lost family friend. Our families had been neighbors until I was in the fifth grade. Coincidentally, they had a son who was one year older than I was.

    In the course of catching up on the past ten years, my mom and his mom had arranged a date between the boy and me. (Although, at the age of twenty-one, he could hardly be called a “boy” anymore, but that’s the way I remembered him.)

    I hurriedly dressed and brushed my hair (a little haphazardly, with low enthusiasm for my date), and I thought about the boy I used to know.

    I remembered being told that when he was only one year old, he brought a baby gift to my mom the day I was born. I thought of an old photograph in my scrapbook, his arm around me as we waited to go inside church for Easter service. As an awkward ten-year-old, I hid behind my mom when he tried to talk to me.

    I remembered him as a self-conscious twelve-year-old, with buckteeth and a round belly. We went to the same elementary school, and when we passed in the hall, I would lower my head and avoid eye contact, trying desperately not to be noticed. But he always spotted me and managed to embarrass himself with an awkward “hello.”

    What have I gotten myself into? I thought as I quickly coated my lashes with mascara and gave one final glance at myself in the mirror.

    The doorbell rang. I heard my mom walk to the front door. I stood silent, listening.

    “Well, hello!” My mom was full of hospitality and enthusiasm. “It is so great to see you after all this time.”

    He answered back with an uncomfortable and embarrassed voice. I rolled my eyes.

    This is going to be loads of fun, I thought sarcastically.

    The phone rang. It was my best friend calling to see if I had met “my date” yet.

    “No,” I said, “but I hear him talking to my mom downstairs, and he sounds really dorky.”

    Then I had an idea: “Hey, why don’t you meet us tonight? That way, if things don’t go well, I’ll have an excuse to leave and end the date.”

    My friend was game, more out of curiosity than a willingness to help me, so we arranged to meet at a restaurant downtown.

    I walked down the stairs, trying to plan a last-minute escape. Could I feign illness? Fall and break my leg? Run out the front door and hide until he finally left?

    I followed my mom’s voice coming from the kitchen and reluctantly walked toward the noise, dragging my feet as if I wore cement shoes.

    As I turned the corner and entered the kitchen, I saw him immediately.

    Has there been some mistake? I thought. He didn’t look like the boy I remembered.

    He was sitting at the kitchen table, across from my mom. He had impeccable posture, with broad, muscular shoulders. His face was tanned. His hair was dark and perfectly trimmed. His deep brown eyes glistened as he smiled at me. And his teeth—his glorious teeth—were perfectly straight (years of braces, I thought) and brilliantly white.

    “Hi,” he said. “It’s nice to see you again.”

    His face was beaming. A strange, unexpected electricity filled the air.

    He stood to shake my hand. He was tall and fit, and well-dressed, too. He was confident and poised—so different from the shy boy I was expecting.

    I was speechless. I stuttered and stammered a feeble “hello” before shaking his strong hand.

    Nervously I said, “Uh, I think I forgot something.” I ran back up the stairs and shut myself in the bathroom.

    My heart was racing. That was no boy in the kitchen—certainly not the awkward boy I remembered. He was a man—a very handsome, polite man.

    Adrenaline filled my ears and made them burn. My hands were shaking. I threw open drawers and began redoing my makeup—this time with care and precision. I brushed my hair and straightened my dress.

    Should I change clothes? I wondered. No, that would be too obvious, too weird.

    I walked back downstairs, giddy with nerves and excitement. We said good-bye to my mom, and he put his hand at the small of my back to lead me to his car. I was shaking.

    As we sat side by side in the car, I discovered his charm went far beyond the handsome smile and strong physique. Our conversation became effortless, with no stops or awkward gaps. We told stories from our childhood and laughed about the times we had been so nervous around each other. We learned we had a great deal in common, that our connection was deeper than the history we shared.

    My friend met us at the restaurant, ready to save me from my blind date. But she wasn’t needed.

    “You can go home,” I told her. “Things are great; I’m having fun.”

    “Are you sure?” she asked. “You hardly know this guy.”

    “Actually, I’ve known him all my life,” I said. “And I think I’m going to marry him one day.”

    Two years later, I did marry him. And one year after that, we had our own little boy.

    In our den, next to wedding photos and a picture of our son’s first birthday, a photograph of two children—one three years old and the other four—hangs above the couch in an antique brass frame. The boy has his arm around the girl. They are sitting outside a church—he in his Easter suit and she in her new dress and bonnet. The girl is shy and looking at the ground. The boy has a twinkle in his eye. He is smiling at the camera, smiling at me as I walk past the picture on the wall.

  19. ganda ng story nu? true story yan…from

  20. Sharon Rose Says:

    hehe… ang ganda nga.

  21. hello poh..

    sana maging success din ako tulad moh..

    hope xoo…

    godbless poh..

  22. hehe.. meun po aq nung pocket buk na nasulat mu poh…

    both,,, pretty…

  23. just be patient mayn… u too can be successful. nasa sayo yan. just strive hard to get what you are aiming for. godbless!

  24. meron akong novel na bagong release Mayn. Forever in My Eyes. Hope you will buy that too. tnx a lot!

  25. your my idol ms sha.. gling mu kasi.. i’ve been a reader of MSV for years, pero now ko lang nkita ang mga novels mu,, sna mdmi ka pang magawang mgndang novels.. hehehe.. ms sha pareho poh pala tayo ng birth month.. sept 17, 1988 poh kasi ako e.. la lang poh nasabi ko lang.. hehehe.. cge poh always tc.. muawh…

  26. im still a newbie Myra. Hindi pa nga ako inabot ng isang taon. at tatlo pa lang ang mga libro kung out sa market. but im glad u read my novels. and magkasing bday pala tayo. sabay tayo celebrate ng bday! hehehe… anyway, taga saan ka ba?

  27. uu nga po.. kz dami ko ng MSV e, e now ko lang nkita name mu.. puro ky ms hannah wabe ang kdalasn nba2sa ko at dami p iba… uhh cge po sbay tayong mgcelebrate saya cguro nun.., hehehe.. uhm tga pagsanjan laguna poh ako e…

  28. ang layo mo pala. pero pag punta ako Pagsanjan Falls, entertain mo ako ha, hehehe… pano tayo magsasagay ng bday nito? punta ka manila? hehe

  29. cge poh entertain ko kayo pgpumunta keo dito… hehehe,, ay uu nga ih,, wla akong maxadong alam dyan sa manila ih…

  30. puwede ako maging tourist guide mo. hehe… di ko rin talaga gamay ang Maynila pero ok na. di na ako maliligaw. pag nagkataon eh pareho tayo maliligaw nito. haha! gaano kalayo ang place mo? mukhang malabo pa sa ngayon kc i have a very hectic sched. lam mo ba may inenrol pa akong subject sa UP Manila this sem? so fully loaded talaga sked ko. hirap magbakasyon ngayon. hay… pero if ever ilang oras pagpunta jan? and mga magkano ibubudget ko?

  31. hmmmm…4days lang ako nawala dami mo nang kaibigan ah! hehehe…miz u..! mwaahhhh!! GOD BLESS

  32. 4 days????????? grabe ang tagal mo nga nawala eh. namimiz na kita bruhita.. hehehe… buti nagpakita ka na? haha!

  33. alis muna ako. may appointment lang. balik ako mayang umaga. Mia ha Ingat! hehehe…

  34. halu ms sha,, tnx s offer mu n mging tourist guide ko jan,, peo prng mlabo akong mkapunta jan.. la akong budget e.. tnx poh tlg s offer.. and dun s tnong mu kung ilang oras biyahe ppunta dito, cguro mga 2-3hrs ln., i don’t know kung mgkno ang pamasahe kpg ngcommute e,,..

  35. tska na lang natin pag-usapan if may time na ako pupunta. if may time ako i would really love to go in your place. para may new na naman place ako mapuntahan. magandang pang unwind at adventure yan.

    nag-aaral ka ba?

  36. uh cge po,, next time nlng po ntin pg-usapn.. i know masydong hectic ang sched mu.. yup npxok pa poh ako.. graduating n nxt year..

  37. a ok… graduating in college? wat course? paki add nga po ako sa friendster, il send you a message. tnx!

  38. yup in college,, BSHRM lng… ukie poh add kita…

  39. ganun ba. why BSHRM lang? masarap ka sigurado magluto no? hehehe… and tnx for adding. nagmessage ako sau. 🙂

  40. akjo!! hindi marunong magluto…mag prito lang!! hehehe

  41. di ka nga mrunong magprito ng itlog eh. hehehe… paturo na lang tayo k Myra. hey Myra meet Mia. nagrarhyme names nyo ah. hehe… paturo kami cooking but wala sanang talent fee pwuede? 🙂

  42. hi ate mia, hehehe,, nkow ptay tau jan.. hehehe,, ndi aq mxadong mrunong mgluto.. hehehe

  43. hi myra…how are you?hehehe..kaya mu yan! ako nga eh nahihirapan kasi seperate na ako sa parents ko, pero hindi pa rin marunong magluto! kakahiya nga eh! hehe..pero ok lang! balak ko nga sana mag aral pero kulang ang budget, tsaka lagi naman ako nagkaksakit.. unahin ko muna guitar lesson’ ko magagamit ko naman sa church…kaya ito nagttyaga sa luto ng iba..hehe

    GOD BLESS!!!

  44. heloo poh.. ai ganun poh ba?? parang gusto ko n ring mgsolo ahh.. hehehe.. ganun poh? bkit lagi kang ngka2skit? maxado bang busy sa work?.. wag poh keong mgpa2baya sa sarili nyo.. always take care poh… muawh…

  45. hehe… ganyan talaga yan si Mia. palagi na lang nagkakasakit. kasi ba naman love nut tska heart ache. hehehe… wala talagang gamot para dun.

  46. awts.. gnun poh b?? kya lging kang ngka2sakit ate? hirap talagang mainluv,, haist,,

  47. hahaha!!! love nut? “no comment”..heart ache? hmmmmm, mukhang tinamaan ako dyan..huhuhu!!!

    hi myra, siguro kasi di ako kumakain ng gulay, kaya walang kulay ang buhay, hehe!! (joke) bata pa kasi sakitin na! ’til now, medyo weak ang imune system ko! kaya ganun, bt not totally sakitin, hehehe, grabe naman yan! mamamatay na ako pag ganun!! klangan ko lang ang konting jhon lyod ang kilangan ko, este biogesic pala!! sabi ni sha sha..”ingat” hahaha

    ayan sha sha baka sabihin mu nanaman ginugudtime kita ha!! talaga namang love kita eh!! prooomissssssssseeee!!! (peace)!!


  48. hahaha.. gnun b? kya dpt lagi kang ngiingat ate… kaya lagi kang inom ng biogesic,, para lagi kang safe..hekhek,, kaya lng bka maover dose k nMn nun,, nyahhh..,,

    ate inadd nga pla kita s friendster… aque c bHeiny_cHant.. hehehe.. add mu po aque ha..

    tnx poh.. \m/

  49. wahhhhhh….grabe na to! papatayin mu ako nyan,hahaha!! biogesic na lang lagi iinumin ko? sinakyan mu rin jokes ko ha!! anywayzzzz..thank you gid ya!! hehehe!!!

    oi nakabili ka na ng mga novels ni ate mu sha? bili ka ha..kasi ako di na bumibili eh! pinapadalhan nalang ako ng friend na taga manila..jrs pa yan! naks..taga suporta kasi siya ni ate mu sha, c rose name nya…

    sarap maging kaibigan, hehehe!!! super love ko nga siya…hahahahahaha!!!

    THANK YOU myra…mwahhhhhh!!!!

  50. ahehehe,, jowk lng poh un.. wahh…piz..

    uhm,, 1 plng nbi2li q eh, ndi ko pa nakikita ung other 2 books ni ate sha e… wOw nMn ate buti ka pa my ngpapadala sayo ng mga novels ni ate sha… bait naman nya.. hehehe

    ako love ko na rin c ate sha.. hehehehe.. muawhh,, kaw n rin ate mia.. \m/

  51. love mu ko? cge love na rin kita..magmahalan tayong lahat..hehe
    oo friend ko sa manila..pinapadalhan ako, pero bumibili rin ako d2..mwahhhh

  52. hala.. ano ba to? sabotage ta ah. haha! ako d ko sabihin luvs ko rin kau.. baka abusuhin nyo… ahahehehe….

  53. kayong dalawa ang close nyo na ah.. hhmnnn….

  54. syempre naman! ako pa..hehehe!!! basta love kita promissssssssssssssseeeee…love ko rin c myra, hehe..mwahh!!!

  55. hehehe…. magmahalan tayo lahat….. o di ba?

  56. hehehe,, ang ba2it nyo poh kz kya mbilis kayong napamahal sakin.. nakz,, aun un e, hehehe,,

  57. “sometimes it’s hard to love someone because you’re so afraid of losing them”

  58. wow Mia what a statement to ponder. love and let go. pag di masaya sa piling mo tapon mo na bago pa bumaha ng luha sa lupa… hahaha…

    but really, tama ka.

  59. hmmm..tnx e2 pa

    “when you love someone, let them know… you never know what will happen the next minute…. learn to build a life together.. learn to love each other. for who they are.. not what they are…” this is so apt because in this materialistic world, everyone seems so consumed about looks and the things that are not of importance!

  60. haha! ipractice mo yan. if u think ur in love to that person let him know. u never know the feeling is mutual.. hehehe… ayan ikaw nagsabi niyan. dapat gawin mo yan. haha! kaya hala magtapat ka na. tama na ang ma confuse. wala ng OT. magtapat ka na. hehehe…

  61. wow po.nice naman po ng dreams nyo. Nagsusulat po pala kayo sa MSV. Wala na po kasi ako sa pilipinas kaya hindi na ko nakakabili ng pocketbook. like some others, gusto ko rin po maging writer. marami na rin akong mga nasulat na story hindi ko nga lang maisubmit kasi nahihiya ako at hindi ko alam kung ano bang klaseng lovestory ang pwede kong gawin na hindi nila masasabing kinopya ko lang sa iba. pwede po ba makakuha ng tips?ahehehehe…pwede ko po ba kayo add sa YM ko?thanks po

  62. e2 po pala ang Ym account ko.

    sana p add nyo ko.thanks po!

  63. hi eka! i added u in my ym na. pakiaccept na lang ha. where are u in the world right now if u dont mind? hehe… if u want to be a writer, make that dream a reality. who know’s you have the gift. its good to share that to others, by letting them read your novels. original stories? hmmnn… cguro u should be a wide reader pala malaman mo kung ano pa yung mga topic or plot na di pa nasusulat. so that you’ll know that your piece is unique. but then i do not actually believe in that. kasi naman ang mga plot, pabalik-balik lang yan eh. its the dialogue and the flow of the story that bring kilig and involvement to the readers. just make sure that someone who reads the story can easily relate to it by making the description and the scenes as realistic as possible and dont forget to be detailed and picturesque. that’s what i can share.

    sana magsulat ka na rin. if writing is your passion, it can be a fulfilling career for you.


  64. thanks po sa reply!:)na-accept ko na po kayo.kaya lang nahacked naman po ang YM ko. huhuhu… but i still have 1:)
    paki-add na lang po ulit. cenxa na po.

    I live in Norway, But Im here now at denmark. just for vacation. Actually marami na po akong nasulat, but its not really a romance story. mas hilig ko po kasi magsulat ng may halong action. I’m starting to write in internet now. try to visit this site:

    mga stories po yan ng mga hindi kilalang manunulat.

    feel free to comment na rin po. marami pong salamat!

  65. okies… cg i add kita sa ym ko.

    nasa europe ka pla? wow! galing. i checked the website but i do not have time to browse through the pages this time. icheck ko siya uli later para makacomment ako.
    k tc…

  66. hi eka…kumusta ka naman eka? wow..europe! im mia your new screen friends…hehehe! GOD BLESS

  67. ayan eka…meet my fren mia ayan kinulit ko tlaga mag reply dto kc tampo eh.. pro subra bait nyan…buhos2 lahat hehehe love u mia mwah

  68. hehehe.. mostly lahat ng mga tao dito mababait.. at very accommodating. hehehe…

  69. wow! hi te mia!ngayon ko lang nabasa to. here’s my email addy:

    thanks po and tc!

    ate sha!idagdag mo naman yung “at magaganda pa!” hehehehe.

  70. babyjaceyrhae Says:

    hahaha! siyempre obvious na yun… hehehe… pro cg na nga. “at magaganda pa!” ayan kumpleto na… 🙂

  71. babyjaceyrhae Says:

    hehehe… sori ako to… shawee… nagamit ko ang account ni baby jaceyrhae.. soweee baby… out na ako…hehe…

  72. hehehe… eto na ang totoong ako… whoah!

  73. babyjaceyrhae Says:

    hahahha c mia ata eto.. heheh ok lng mia ikaw pa lakas ka ky jaceyrhae eh binibgay nga ang pasword sau eh.. kaya ok lng basta ikaw

  74. haha! naks!

  75. babyjaceyrhae Says:

    huo totoo yan sha ganun ka lakas c mia sa amin n jaceyrhae i trust her with ol my life hahahha… kc any time pwede nya ma open lahat ng mga net site ko eh bigay ko na sa knya hehehe dba mia? luv din kc ako n mia eh hehehe dba mia? san kna ba? wait nman ako tagal ah..

  76. o ayan mia nabasa mo yan? ganyan ka kaluvs ni grasya kag ni baby. indi ka na magsungggod-sunggod ha… hehehe…

  77. […] to Know Me A short glimpse about me… My Biography My photos My Paintings & Archt’l Designs Miscellaneous Outreach Project with my Samaritan […]

  78. ako poh ung nag-add seu sa frendster, ms. sharon rose , masyado nmn pohng mdrama ang inyong lyf . . jowk .. nka2twa nmn poh keu .. if you and i have a time , i want to meet you in person because i think your a kind person .. i think i like you as my sister … tnx poh

  79. sharon rose Says:

    hi Princess! Di naman masyado madrama, mahirap lang naman… hhehe… anyway, that’s what life is. may kany-kanya tayong mga buhay. both unique from each other and the reason why we are here, still surviving.

    i want to meet you too. sana nga magkaroon tayo ng pagkakataon. Tiyak, matutuwa ako.

    cg… ingat lagi.

  80. jose santos Says:

    Hi sharon, I didn’t know you write novels and was salutatorian! I must say I’m impressed with the bulk and range of this website’s content. Mag review ka na at mas marami ka pang magagawa pag architect ka na^^ Tc..

  81. Hi Seng.. hehehe… naulaw ko.

    Secret lang kasi yan… para lang sa maka-appreciate sa akong mga nobela daw. 🙂 maghulat sa ko sa imoha. pag nagboard ka na magboard na sad ko. kaya mag board ka na seng. basig ikaw ang mahimong unang topnotcher ng UP Min. 🙂

  82. hi there. i just copied ur stories so i can print them . bbshaen ko lang nmn . ang xket ksee sa mata ng pc. nice work . 😀

  83. sharon rose Says:

    yes girl, its okay. enjoy reading!

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