Circle of Friends

Here we go guys…  Let’s rock this page.. para sa atin to lahat! mwah!


Name: Grace

Nickname: Ging2x, Grasya / bossing (for me)

Status:  Happily Engaged (bridesmaid ako sa kasal… hehe…)

Age: 25 (preho mi)

School: Somewhere in Iloilo (hehe…)

Course: BSHRM

Occupation: Chief  Stewardess sa isang luxury yacht (makes me green with envy… hehe…)

Interesting Facts: malapit na ikasal… (haha! antay din ako ng info mo bout this grasya)


Name: Mia / Miamer

Nickname: Mia or sweetie bunch (haha… ako na tuloy gumawa-gawa)

Status:  In a relationship ( try try lang daw kung magsucceed 🙂 )

Age: undetermined (haha!)

School: Somewhere in Iloilo (hehe…)

Course: IT related (di ko alam e basta magaling sa comp)

Occupation: Technician, Call center (gaya-gaya sa akin… haha)

Interesting Facts:  (let’s hear it from her)

“Mia, madrama, malambing, maarte, haha who mia truly is…??? she,s like under the many circumstances in her life is something not many would really expect, very vulnerable, she laughs a lot but can easily cry when pained or move, she gets up everyday expecting even greater battles to fight and mountains to hurdle but gets by just fine, she is quite inside no matter how fun loving she me seem on the outside and can sometimes feel alone even in a crowded room, mia likes listening to peoples stories asking them so many questions in an attempt to get to know them better but doesn’t up open to everybody as easily as she has made them confide, mia is just like any other human being, someone who aspires for a simple, meaningful life, someone who cares deeply for people, someone who can love selflessly, someone who can lose herself in something and find it just the same in the end of every endeavor..mia is very observant especially not only to things but mostly to the people close to her, a genuine kind of person, she loved her family soooo much, cant lve w/out them…. “

Name: Myra

Nickname: bheibe-chant (daw… hehe)

Status: Confused ako…not sure if single or wat

Age: 18

School: Somewhere in Laguna (hehe…)

Course: BSHRM

Occupation: kakagrad lang..

Interesting Facts: (u need to tell this info girl…)


Name: honey (oh its very sweet)

Nickname: Hon (cguro… hehe)

Age: sweet 19

School: dnt knw girl.. sorry

Course: di ko rin alam ito… hehe

Occupation: student pa… (mas mayaman to kasi hingi lang ng hingi ng allowance… haha)

Interesting Facts: ———– quoted from her friendster

“gustong gusto ko talaga ang cartoon na palabas(PRINCE OF TENNIS, slamDunk, inuyasha, naruto, susuka, tactics, offside, DN angel, conan atbp. ….kaya fan ako ng hero t.v, mahilig din naman ako sa korean movie basta yong mga nakakatawa(kim sam soon, foxy lady, my girl, full house, which star r you from and silence taiwanese yan…..mahilig din ako sa music….”


Name: lea

Nickname: —– (pls supply)

Age: sweet 17

School: dnt knw girl.. sorry

Course: di ko rin alam ito… hehe

Occupation: student pa… (mas mayaman to kasi hingi lang ng hingi ng allowance… haha)

Interesting facts: quoted from her blogspot

“i am a simple girl with a simple dreams in life.. ayt..! its hard to be me so i dont want anyone messing up with my life or telling me what i should and what i shoulnt do! i dont want to be compared to any one else espesially if that someone is my enemy!if you did.. dont show off!i believe that we all have the rights to do whatever we wanted to do as long as were not hurting anyone.. i dont care about your life please never try to bother me with non sense things..i love to go out..i love adventures and forest, sea and short i love nature..hahaha”


One Response to “Circle of Friends”

  1. thanks 4 dis sha we really apreciate

    taker always and Gud luck hope 2 c u soon

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