One Wild Heart, Available for Purchase Online Now!

Title: One Wild Heart
Author: Sharon Rose
Pages: 210 pages
Shipping: Php 90.00
Mode of payment: RD Pawnshop Pera Padala, Ml Kwarta Padala, Cebuana, Western Union, Paypal, LBC

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Name: Sharon Rose Catalan
Address: 02 Road 1 Dona Vicenta Village, Bajada, Davao City

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In her quest for independence and freedom, Rein stumbled upon the man of her dreams….

Troy Altamirano was every woman’s desire. His towering height, lithe figure and sexy, haunting eyes were just some of the many reasons why he was but irresistible. No wonder she fell for him that easy.

But one night of wild and abandoned passion in his loving arms turned out to be her craziest mistake! And she vowed not to let herself fall prey to him again.

Troy found himself mesmerized as he gazed at her lovely face. Her eyes closed as if she was asleep. She looked so innocent with her frail frame yet so sensual that his throat turned arid in seconds.

He was forced to swallow what seemed to be a lump in his throat. He can feel his body temperature itched a few degrees. His pulse beat faster than normal.

Rush of excitement crawled all over him. Suddenly, he felt like aseventeen year old boy who had just seen his first crush, who had just been with a girl for the very first time. The feeling was quite overwhelming.

Nothing mattered at the moment but the lovely woman inside hisluxurious car who got his fancy at first sight.

He sighed. It was difficult for him to understand how this lovelyChina doll can excite his senses yet he was not complaining anyway. He actually loved the feeling!

Gumalaw ang kamay niya at mabining humaplos sa malambot na pisngi ng dalaga. His eyes roamed around her face as if memorizing every contour, every detail of her delicate beauty.

He was losing awareness of his actions. His body inclined so he can get closer to her, so he can better smell her sweet scent. He was dying to feel her soft body against his hardness.

His hand sensuously traced a delicate, invisible line from her soft cheek down to her smooth neck.

She moved.

He instantly withdrew as if he was caught dipping his hand in a jar of cookie. Kaagad na nakaramdam siya ng pagkapahiya when he realized that he was taking advantage of her vulnerability.

He slouched on his seat. Sunod-sunod ang ginawang pagbuntong-hininga habang pilit na kinakalma ang sarili. Napahawak siya sa manibela, ang balak ay paandarin ang makina ng sasakyan when he was tempted to glance at her.

Nakita niya ang dalagang pabiling-biling ang ulo sa headrest.

Was she uncomfortable?

Inabot niya ang remote control at dinagdagan ang lamig ng aircon.

When he thought he was able to hold his self-control, his eyes perked up as he saw her slowly unbuttoned her blouse and exposed her delectable chest in front of his stunned eyes.

Gustuhin man ng binatang ibaling sa ibang direksiyon ang paningin upang iwasan ang kaakit-akit na tanawin sa harapan niya ngunit hindi niya magawa.

Her creamy, smooth skin arrested his eyes. Her sweet cleavage was a sight to behold. He wanted to rip her black bra into pieces so he can totally free her luscious breasts. He wanted to touch and knead her soft peaks and kiss her pert nipples.

He was unprepared to feel such intense need to have her and fill his desires. He clearly wanted her.

His eyes basked at her exposed loveliness and enthralled his hormones once more, sending electrifying sensations into the core of his manhood. He went hard, long and thick. How he pulsated in great length with just mere second overwhelmed him.

He panted.

Pinipilit niyang labanan ang tuksong nakahain sa harapan niya. Pinipilit niyang hawakan ang katinuan but he knew he was slowly losing the battle as he felt himself growing and pulsating in great need.

But what the hell was this woman up to? Naghuhubad ba ito sa harapan niya? Darn, but she can tempt even a saint! And he aint one!

Whew! Troy blew some air. He felt as if he was in a hot seat right now. Well yes, literally, he was.

Easy Troy…

But he simply can’t take his eyes off her! Damn her!

Muli ay gumalaw ang dalaga, paharap sa kanya. Mas lalong nahantad ang kahubdan nito. And he totally lost his self-control.

He cursed as he cowered to his earthly desires. His hand held her jaw as his hot mouth claimed her lips in a ravenous kiss. He savored the sweetness of her soft lips. His tongue opened her teeth and when she did, he ravaged her sweetness and explored her mouth’s every recesses. His slick tongue mated with hers.

Rein… he murmured her name in between kisses. His kiss deepened even more. He was panting with intense need.

He knew he was throbbing bigtime.

His hands started to explore her body. He traced her every curve, pinched her soft skin. He felt as if her body was sculpted for his hands to explore… for his hands only. The thought of other guys touching her body made him feel murderous!

Kung hindi niya napigilan ang sarili kanina, baka sira na ang mukha ni Mark ngayon mula sa kanyang mga suntok. Kaagad na sumulak ang dugo niya ng makitang kasayaw si Rein ng ibang lalaki. He saw how Mark took advantage of her and touched her and he boiled in rebellion!

His possessiveness added more to his ever growing need of this woman. He wanted her really bad he would kill just to have her.

His hot mouth left her now swollen lips to graze her smooth neck. He was giving her tender kisses as his lips slowly moving down.

His hands were about to remove her blouse when she went still and moaned as if in pain.

He was distracted for a moment. Pagkatapos ay napamura ng mahimasmasan at marealize kung ano ang ginagawa niya. Para siyang binuhusan ng malamig na tubig.

Morbid, but he was taking advantage of an unconscious, drunk woman!

He suddenly hated himself. Although he intensely desire her, wanted her like no other but the urge to protect her and take care of her were overwhelming too.

He groped for sanity.

He felt guilty. He should not have taken advantage of her!

Lasing si Rein at wala ito sa tamang katinuan. Ang isiping kamumuhian siya ng dalaga kapag nanumbalik ang huwisyo nito ang nagpatatag sa self-control niya. Ayaw niyang mangyari iyon.

Kung may mangyayari man sa pagitan nila ng dalaga, iyon ay dahil parehong ginusto nila at nasa tamang huwisyo ito.

He should show her the respect she deserved.

Nabitin sa ere ang kanyang kamay. Inilayo niya ang katawan sa dalaga at nahahapong napailing. Humugot siya ng malalim na hininga upang pakalmahin ang nag-iinit pa rin niyang damdamin.

Being with a hot chick who was gloriously half naked, inside a cold, luxurious car, can simply drag his self-control somewhere.

Man, get a good grip of yourself!


11 Responses to “One Wild Heart, Available for Purchase Online Now!”

  1. hi!i’m avid fan of you…you’re sooo pretty:-))
    keep it up!sana mas marami ka pang magagandang nobela na maisusulat!I really admired romance writers like you…i’m adiktus reader of MSV!!
    Takecare & Godbless us always:-))

  2. hi lhen! thanks a lot for supporting sv and for reading my novels… salamat din sa admiration. 🙂 keep on reading pbs… tc!

  3. kw nlng ang bda!

  4. sabine2011 Says:

    oh my gosh…i’ve been waiting for this…this was originally titled let me love you…ms. sha, where can we get this in gensan?

  5. Hi Sabine! Its only available online for now but will be soon in bookstores as well.

    so please order ka muna online. hehehe… click this link for detailed info

    thanks a lot!

  6. Love the teaser…how can i get a copy?

  7. kung may ebook lang sana ang mga to. at yung mga ibang tagalog pocketbooks nakuha ko na sana at nabasa ng buo.. LOL!.. i think ebook is alot easier para samen na nasa ibang bansa.. kailan kaya mangyayari yun.. (dreamin’) LOL.. Love ur stories..

  8. Mary Lou Hidalgo Says:

    Hi there! just red the teaser thru wattpad and really want to buy a copy.. Ask lang po how much do i have to pay in all including the book and the freight fee? also where i can have a look of your other novels? thanks! i just love the teaser!

  9. hi ate sharon gusto ko sanang bumili niyang “one wild heart” kaya lang di ko alam kung paano..pano po ba magorder sainyo ung madali lang po..sana po magreply po kayo

  10. i hope makakuha ako nitong “one wild heart” pano po ba makakuha nito i want to buy this story please if you’re online reply po kayo saakin agad please

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