Heyah everyone! I’m simply uber delighted with your overwhelming support. Hope “thank you” can suffice everything. Thank, u thank u, and thank u!

I have added chapters of Let Me Love You. For those who are requesting for an update about this story, this is for you. This novel is one of my favorite and I’m happy to share it with you. Enjoy!

I have a new job that I’m kinda excited about. I will be blogging about our very own celebrities. I’ll supply you with juicy details about their exciting life and simplicity afar limelight, as they are as normal as we all are. I will post the website as soon as its up and running. And this will be next week. So basically, I’ll be like a paparazzi, who will follow and have a sneak peak on our beloved celebrities’ lives. There will also be cool contests that everyone can join and you can win lots of awesome prices. So prepare yourself and be part of the most exciting gossip blog in our country!

You can also add me on facebook and twitter. My email address is vampire_world2002@yahoo.com

Let me share this video with you. Enjoy watching!

Note! Wala na po akong copies ng mga pocketbooks ko. Ubos na po. I won’t accept online orders anymore. tnx!

2 Responses to “UPDATES!!!! UPDATES!!!! UPDATES!!!!”

  1. Alam mo dear, sa tingin ko lang ha, di mo kelangan ng make-up. You have great skin, megawatt smile and deep-set eyes. But your make up demo is pretty cool. Love your eyebrows! Naaliw akong panoorin ka hehe. Mukhang may magiging career ka sa beauty biz.

    Carry on.

    Just here to copy paste the teaser of BFL. Cant seem to find my WORD file of it. Meron ka naman dito. Ingat lagi. mwah!

  2. Hehe.. thanks Miss Eve! I feel prettier sa papuri mo… lol!

    sana maprint na ang BFL.

    ingats lagi!

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