Getting to Know Me


They say that by writing, you are undressing yourself to the public. Absolutely this is true. My characters are my alter egos and expressions of my beliefs, principles and character. Dang, now I’m exposed! hehehe…

So enjoy and savor the inevitable goodness, wickedness, compassionate, candidness, drama and glitz and glamor of my darned life! 🙂

A short glimpse about me…
My Biography
My photos
My Paintings & Archt’l Designs
Outreach Project with my Samaritan Friends

In the desire to know you guys, I have come up with this page. Let’s get to know each other. You can surely rock this page! Please introduce yourself to us and share a little bit of juicy details about your life. We don’t want to dig deep into your personal lives, just some spicy information for us to have fun with. You have knew me more than enough and now its your turn to face the spotlight! We all would love to discover who you are. So paint this page red and let’s all get to PARRRTTTEEEYYYY!

Who’s gonna face the challenge first and wow the crowd?

Pls click here to post
Circle of Friends…

And also you can check other writers too. I have a page dedicated for them. Finally you will meet these talented folks!

Writer’s Galore

What suits me best? Exotic, curly hair or Silky, straight hair? Your vote counts!


4 Responses to “Getting to Know Me”

  1. hai may neme is carlister but you cant call me boy for short
    so i se your novel is cool i like so mouch i cant wait the new one come out

  2. hi carlister… hehehe… you remind me of carlysle… one of the characters in twilight. thanks for the comment.. love it! tc always!

  3. marissa c. soriano Says:

    Hi Miss Sharon,
    I like your story as i read your work now as writer. Until forever is the title.well you taught me in your English grammar.more power and God bless always. hope you add me as your friend.

  4. thanks Marissa! saan mo ba ako inadd? sa fb? ano name mo dun? 🙂

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