My Novels

So far here are the novels I have written…. Published, Unpublished and Unfinished…

Hindi Nakakalimot Ang Puso
Passionate Encounter
Forever In Your Eyes
Noon, Ngayon at Kailanman
Let Me Love You
If Hurting Is Loving
Kailan Ka Magiging Akin Bestfriend
Untitled Novel
Until Forever
New English Novel

4 Responses to “My Novels”

  1. musta na

  2. sharon rose Says:

    hi ate jo! im doing pretty well… ikaw musta na ang HK? excited na ko sa mga pocketbooks mo… hehhe…tenk u!

  3. Jupha mae Says:

    hello ate jo! keeping it alive na naka communicate na aq sau…well… this time q lang nalaman na u do writing up to ds time. sa my special valentine u na pala.why wala na kayo sa phr? f u don’t mind…u know, hindi aq mahilig bumasa ng msv but now, para lang sau hahanapin talaga kita..

  4. Jupha mae Says:

    8’s doing great with u’r novel…lalong lalo na ang until forever…i love 8…

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