…Paintings and Portraits…


Aside from writing I also paint. Years ago, it was a mere hobby, my outlet to the creative world. This is actually an expensive hobby to be precise. Painting materials with good quality are not that cheap.  And I’m particular with the colors and pigments I use.  I don’t just go for those so so pigments. They greatly affect the outcome of any painting produce. Good paintings and portraits go along well with quality paint materials so to speak.

This year I want to tap this particular talent to earn extra money. So I come up with this idea. Mind you, I have so many responsibilities and I need money… hehehe…  if this goes well enough, I plan to launch a scholarship program that will provide financial assistance to poor but deserving students in any depressed areas. I will start supporting elementary students first, maybe shoulder tuition fee of about five students. I really would like this project to flourish into a big one so as to support a lot of  needy students. I look forward for that time that I’ll have enough resources to put up a school. This is my greatest dream.  Hope I can meet people who shares this same dream and would like to be part of it.

Oh well, Lets go back to business. I am now accepting painting orders online. You can request a picture of you to be painted, or a picture of your loved ones, or any person you wanted to give a painting as a gift. You can email me the pictures that I will paint, preferably clear pictures with good quality. Then i will ship the finish product to you. It may take about two  to four weeks for your painting to be finished. Before I will ship it to you, I will show you the scan copy first, if you would like to have improvements, it may take for another few days to do it. Its only improvements, no overall painting redo please. Anyways, I always have the picture as a reference.

Okay here’s the price:

Painting size  15×20 inches = Php 1,500 (no frame)

= Php 2,100 (with frame)


Free shipping anywhere in the Philippines. If outside the country you may shoulder the cost of shipping.

You can deposit your payment to my bank account. Once you already deposited the payment, you can scan the deposit slip and email it to me. Then I will confirm your order.

Or you can pay via money transfer like Wester Union, Mlhuillier… etc… Once payment is received, your order will be processed. Painting price increases should you prefer bigger sizes. Pls feel free to post should you need further information. Thank you!

18 Responses to “…Paintings and Portraits…”

  1. ^^♥ydonna♥^^ Says:


  2. sharon rose Says:

    hi helen! r u helen bona? hehe…

  3. sharon!!!

    i’m interested… kaso i’m still on a tight budget right now, enrollment kc ni shai eh and i’m having medications pa. Mga June or July i’ll send you a picture… family portrait ha. kailangan ba as in family pic ppdala ko sayo or pwdng separate pics naming tatlo then kaw na bahala? send me an email para mas okay. thanks…

  4. sharon rose Says:

    hey kris… musta na? miss u na girl. san ka na ngayon? umuwi ako ng davao.. hehehe… wala na ako sa PS. dito ako ngayon sa sutherland davao.

    cg ok lang. just message me if ur ready na. hehe… pwde rin separate pics. ako na bahala magbuo. 🙂 basta clear ha and mataas ang reso para kitang-kita ko.

    cg… tc lagi! mwah!

  5. hi!i’m interested.just asking if ginagawa nyo pa rin(the painting)?how much will it costs to ship sa MA, USA? 🙂

  6. Sharon Rose Says:

    yes, i still do the painting Joyce. but i dont know the shipping cost. ill try to check, okay? magpapaint ka ba?

  7. Hi again,yes plano ko sana as a gift for x-mas/wedding anniversary para sa parents ko.:P

  8. oh i see. that’s very sweet. cg il check the price for shipping. tc

  9. hi….
    hmm.. taga davao ka rin pala?
    glad to hear that…
    wei, gusto ko rin sana magpa-paint…
    pwede ko ba malaman e-add mo/?

  10. yes.. davao ako ngayon Rezel. kaw Davao din? pls email me at vampire_world2002@yahoo.com

  11. painting ba lahat ng pics sa taas?
    grabe, galing mo talaga!

  12. sharon rose Says:

    yes, those are paintings, mixed materials siya. depend kasi yan sa mood and sa ipapaint. meron maganda ang background or ang colors kaya maganda tingnan.

  13. what do u mean sa mixed materials?
    ano pa palang mga ginamit mo?

  14. sharon rose Says:

    may acrylic, guache, watercolor, pastel, chalks, but mostly watercolor yan.

  15. ei, painting din ba ‘yung pic
    na nasa dagat ka na naka-purple???

  16. sharon rose Says:

    nope… its not… picture iyon girl…

  17. u look like kristine hermosa =)

  18. sharon rose Says:

    wow! ang ganda naman ng kamukha ko.. hehe..

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